woman finds her iphone after 10 years: iPhone 4s lost 10 years ago, now found back

new Delhi. Once a phone is lost, it becomes very difficult or almost impossible to get it back. Why just a phone, even if you have very little chance of getting back what you lost 10 years ago. But this Maryland woman got her iPhone back after losing her iPhone for almost 10 years. Becki from Maryland lost her iPhone 10 years ago on Halloween night. Now with no hope of getting it back, he bought a new phone which most people do. However, 10 years later, due to a minor problem in his toilet, his lost phone was found.

Becki explained in a Facebook post that she had no idea how her iPhone 4s was lost, as she hadn’t stepped out of the house. So the question of stealing someone did not even arise. However he soon changed the phone. She said it was weird but it was lost. Little did she know that after 10 years she would be able to see her phone again, all because of a toilet problem.

Becki said she and her husband heard a banging sound when she flushed the toilet. She told that initially the couple attributed it to the toilet being old or the bad condition of the house. But when he heard it again and again, he got worried and wanted to see it. After going inside for a while, Becki was deeply shocked. She wrote in her Facebook post that her husband came running outside to tell her that she would not believe what she found in the toilet.

Becki’s husband found his iPhone 4s that had gone missing 10 years ago. The back of the device was found deep open. It was not fair to expect the phone to be in perfect condition. However it had gone bad. Becky’s post received over 700 comments on Facebook. A user that for many of us was very strange. As if the screen of the phone breaks then there is a problem, but your phone remained in such condition for so many years. Another user wrote that there is no way that it will be stuck in your toilet for 10 years and till it does not make a sound there is no problem. At the same time, a user wrote that how did you guys not get any clogging, here the pipe gets locked in the house after a while.