whatsapp safety in india: whatsapp launches safety in india to help users stay safe online

new Delhi. Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced several products to enhance the security and privacy of its users in India. The instant messaging app has launched Safety In India, a resource hub aimed at helping people stay safe online. The announcement was made following WhatsApp’s campaign #TakeCharge to promote safe use of the Internet. This campaign lasted for a week. More than 400 million people use WhatsApp in India.

In its blog post, WhatsApp said, “WhatsApp has made significant product changes to help enhance security and privacy. In addition to consistent product innovation, over the years, we have supported user security and advanced technology, artificial intelligence, Consistently invested in data scientists, experts and processes.”

The instant messaging app has highlighted a number of safety features like two-step verification, WhatsApp lock, forward limit to disparaging messages, admin controls, which help people stay safe online.

Additionally, Resource Hub also explores other important topics around online security, privacy and security. Norm also dispels myths to create awareness on how users can protect themselves from potential cyber scams in today’s digitally connected world.

WhatsApp will create awareness about different security measures and in-built product services through the ‘Safety in India’ hub. It allows users to control and manage their security while using the app for messaging. Resource Hub has also given information about advanced technology.

In addition, the platform also provides users with resources that allow them to verify information to prevent the spread of misinformation. The platform offers 10 fact checking organizations to allow users to verify information through the WhatsApp bot.

Users can save this phone number – +1 (727) 2912606. Here they can start a chat with the bot by sending Hi.