whatsapp code verify feature: WhatsApp has brought Code Verify feature, know how it works – know details about whatsapp new code verify feature how it works

new Delhi. WhatsApp keeps on bringing something new and exciting to its users from time to time. In such a situation, once again WhatsApp has brought a new feature for its users, so that they can give a new test to their experience. Let us tell you that this time WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to enhance the security of WhatsApp Web. This is a new layer of security, called Code Verify, which is a browser extension that verifies the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being sent to the browser. The code checks that your WhatsApp Web code has not been tampered with or modified. It also checks if you get the same WhatsApp Web experience as others.

WhatsApp has developed Code Verify Works in partnership with Cloudfare. It is a web infrastructure and security company. WhatsApp has mentioned in its blog that Code Verify provides independent, third party, transparent verification of the code that is being served to WhatsApp Web users.

Whatsapp wrote this in its blog

WhatsApp wrote in its blog, ‘For years, WhatsApp has protected all personal messages sent by users on WhatsApp Web with end-to-end encryption, as they pass from sender to recipient. But security-conscious users need to be assured that when WhatsApp Web receives these encrypted messages, it is also secure. Whereas, unlike downloadable mobile apps, a web app usually serves users directly, without any third party reviews and code audits. There are a number of factors that can undermine the security of a web browser that is not present in the mobile app space, such as browser extensions. Additionally, because the mobile app space was built after the development of the web, the security guarantees offered on mobile may be stronger. Especially considering that third-party app stores review and update every single app and software update. But today that is changing, as Code Verify is bringing even more security to WhatsApp Web.

How does Code Verify work?

Code Verify is a web extension that works with all browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. When the Code Verify extension is added to a desktop browser, it validates the code that the browser receives via WhatsApp Web. It gets automatically pinned on Firefox and Edge browsers. But it has to be manually pinned to the Google Chrome browser. The company explained in its blog, “Code Verify corresponds to the WhatsApp Web code, which you serve with trust through WhatsApp and published on Cloudflare, to ensure that the WhatsApp Web you are using.” He is authentic, that is, trustworthy.

Code Verify will act as a traffic light for your web browser. It will run as soon as you download it and pin it to your browser. If the WhatsApp Web code is fully valid, the Web code icon will appear green in the browser. When the code appears orange, it means that you need to refresh your page or another browser extension is interfering with the code verify. Whereas, in this example, Code Verify will recommend that you stop your other browser extensions. If the code appears red, it means that the web version of WhatsApp you are using has some security issues.

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