What is Linux Operating System and How to Download Linux

Twoyou have Windows Must have installed and used on your laptop or PC, but have you ever Linux Operating System has used. Linux is a very popular OS, which is used by big IT companies and today’s whole internet world is like this. Linux It is a gift. There are many operating systems in the field of IT, but this Linux operating system is the most different and very important, but still there are many people about it, who do not know very well what it is and how to use it. goes.

If you are not a student of computer science or do not know much about this field, then you are also sure. Linux Operating System would not know about. It is also a wonder in itself that the most amazing discovery of today’s era, Internet of Things, Android smartphones and supercomputers are not working, more people do not know about the operating system Linux.

If you don’t even know what happens after all, Linux How is it downloaded, how it is installed and what are the benefits of using Linux, so today’s article is for you, because today we will tell you in this article or post. Linux Will give all the necessary information about it and will try to explain it well, what is Linux and where did it come from and why it is such an important OS. To know, read this post till the end.

What is Linux Operating System and how to download it – Complete information in English

What is Linux (Linux Operating System)

Linux similar to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Apple iOS Computer Operating System Which you can do by installing it on your laptop or computer, which you do with the help of Windows Operating System. Linux is also called virus free operating system. Today most of the internet world Linux Has remained since.

Linux free and open-source That’s why its source code is called GNU ie General Public License Inside can be used in any way i.e. commercial and non-commercial way. You can modify the software that comes under the GNU license for free or you can even sell it by changing the logo and name, just the simple thing is that the software modified by you will also come under the GNU license.

What is open-source?

Friends, open-source It means that you can modify the code of the above mentioned software according to your own. It means that the source code of open-source software is open to everyone, who can modify or change it according to their own. could. You don’t have any problem with it. Developers around the world keep improving all the open-source software in the world, making them more reliable.

What is Linux Kernel?

The kernel of any operating system is that part or code that interacts directly with the hardware, it is the lowest part of the operating system, on the start of the computer, first the kernel of the operating system is loaded into the memory and after that. Kernal loads the rest of the system. The kernel also acts as a translator between the software and the hardware, it gives the commands given by your software to the hardware.

The Linux kernel performs the following functions:

    • Controlling other applications.


    • Managing memory for applications.


    • Assigning applications to the processor.


    • Sharing of data with storage devices.


    • Communicating with various components of the computer.


    • When a complete system is made by combining kernel with other native applications, it is called operating system.


Who started Linux –

Linux was started by a student. The story of Linux began in 1991, when Linus Torvalds, a student at Heliski University in Finland, became concerned about the license for the then operating system Minix. To avoid this license system, he created a new operating system of his own (OS). Linus wanted to create an operating system that did not require a license. Anyone can take it for free. Over time other programs also started joining and Linux became the largest open source project in the world.

Linux Kya Hota Hai

Super computers also run on Linux –

You will be surprised to know that even big supercomputers Linux (Linux Operating System) Let’s go from Android Smartphone’s operating system android is completely based on Linux. Linux is installed in the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Apart from this, the Internet has also remained so cheap today on the basis of Linux itself. Internet Of Things So are based on Linux itself. Linux is completely free, open source and anyone can use it by modifying it as per their wish. Due to these qualities, programmers and top IT companies from all over the world have joined this project.

Advantages of Linux –

    • The biggest advantage of Linux is that it does not have to be purchased like Windows. Most of the Linux software is also free, which can be used according to the need. Windows software and games can also run on Linux from Wine.


    • If you want to make changes according to your own in Windows 7 or 10, you cannot do it, but you can easily do this work in Linux. This is also a major reason that these days the interest of the youth in Linux Operating System is increasing. Apart from this, the user can use multiple programs, tasks or software.


    • Linux supports all types of hardware, there are many light weight distros also available so that you can revive your old computer too.


    • Hack does not happen and viruses do not come One of the biggest features of Linux is that it does not contain viruses and malware. IT Expert O.P. According to the sage, hacking it is also almost impossible. The biggest thing is that hackers around the world work on Linux to keep themselves safe. This automatically proves that working on Linux is very safe and easy.


How to download Linux –

If you are using Android Smartphone then you are using Linux Operating System only. If you want to install on your laptop or PC, then there are many versions of Linux, which you can download and install for free. If you want without installing Bootable Pan Drive either DVD You can also enjoy Linux on Windows PC by making it.

Where to download Linux –

There are currently many versions of Linux available. They all have almost the same features, but there is a difference in their desktop environment (in simple words, presentation of icons, display, themes, etc.), on the basis of which you can choose them. Some of the major versions of them are as follows –

    1. Ubuntu – (https://Ubuntu.com)


    1. fedora – (https://getfedora.org)


    1. Linux Mint (www.linuxmint.com)


    1. Opens Use (www.opensuse.org)


    1. Arch – (www.archlinux.org)


These are some good versions of the five Linux operating systems, which you can download from their official website and install on your computer. It is very easy and secure.

Apart from this, Kali Linux, Redhat, Debian, Tiny Linux and Side Linux etc. are also types or versions of Linux.

Note :- Linex.org is its official website. So if you want to download Linux to install, then you can download it for free from the official website of Linux here.

You can also take Demo test online

If you don’t want to download Linux, you can test-drive the Ubuntu version of Linux at http://tour.ubuntu.com/en/#watch-video. You can watch Linux related videos on YouTube. Linux can also be dual booted if you do not want to remove the Windows operating system from the laptop. That is, both Windows and Linux can be installed on the laptop. You can choose which operating system you want to work on whenever, whenever.

Conclusion –

Linux OS is a very helpful open source, which is used by professional programmers, hackers and big IT companies. It’s not as hard to use as you think. It is as easy as Windows, you just need to understand it well. If you understand Linux well, then you can work on it and build it as you like. So if you are an IT expert then you should definitely try using Linux Operating System.

so guys, it was Linux Operating System About, a guide for those who are not well versed about Linux. Hope this article has helped you a lot in knowing about Linux, but still you have any question in your mind about it, or you want to know something more about it, then you can ask your question in comment box. can do through. We will assist you in this regard.

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