vi 8000 sim card block: Vodafone-Idea blocks about 8,000 sim cards, you will be surprised to know the reason – telecom company vi blocks nearly 8000 sim cards after police issue notice

new Delhi. Vi Sim Card Block: Madhya Pradesh Cyber ​​Police has directed telecom companies to block SIM cards issued by fake identity proofs. After this order, the telecom company Vi has blocked about 8,000 SIM cards. In the year 2020, through an advertisement on Facebook, people were lured to buy a car and people were cheated of Rs 1.75 lakh. Action was taken on the complaint of a victim of this and the Gwalior unit of Cyber ​​Cell started investigation.

The investigation found that the number used by cybercriminals to defraud the complainant was generated on the identity proof of a different person. Gwalior Cyber ​​Zone Superintendent of Police Sudhir Agrawal informed, “Those who commit fraud, their number is registered in someone else’s name. Later it was found that 8 people were involved in issuing SIM cards.”

It also said that after conducting a comprehensive investigation into the matter, the cyber police also came to know that the hackers have allegedly used 20,000 different numbers to dupe people using these SIM cards. The police had taken legal action for more than a year against 8 people who issued SIM cards.

He said that after investigation, the cyber unit had issued notices to different telecom companies including Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and BSNL for re-verification of these numbers. Acting on this, Vodafone-Idea recently blocked 7,948 SIM cards. It is being claimed that other telecom companies are also working on re-verifying such SIM cards.