Top 5 Apps For Songs: Listen to your favorite songs on Holi, Download Now Top 5 Apps – best top 5 apps to listen songs check list

new Delhi. Are you fond of listening to songs? If so, you must be using the songs app as well. Some of these apps will also be such that you will have to pay for it. But do you know that there are many apps in the market that allow you to listen to songs for free. We have brought you the information of top 5 apps from different apps available in the market from where you can listen to your favorite songs. From here you will also be able to listen to Holi songs today. So let’s know about these apps.

Spotify: This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It comes with a rating of 4.5+. Spotify is the most popular music app in the world. If you go for their freemium version then you get to see ads. But after taking premium version you will get rid of ads. Spotify allows you to listen to your songs anytime and anywhere. Here you will find songs of almost every artist.

Amazon Prime Music: If you have a Prime subscription, you can stream and download millions of Prime Music songs without any ads. One of the major features of this music app is that it allows listening to songs in more than ten languages ​​including English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Punjabi. You can also use the app for offline listening. You can do this by downloading the songs from here.

Gaana Music: The app has dominated the Indian music streaming industry for the past decade. It provides HD streaming setting, lyrics, music videos. Most importantly, it comes with a song library of 45 million. It comes with both free and subscription.

YouTube Music:
This is where over 400 hours of videos are uploaded to search engines every single minute and YouTube is definitely the leading company for digital video consumption. After achieving this feat, the company has introduced YouTube Music. Here you will find many different songs, you can listen to the songs of your choice from here.

JioSaavn: It has become a household name in India as it was one of the first music streaming apps in the country. You get a huge music library here. JioSaavn app can be used anytime. It also allows you to listen to multiple podcasts and shows.