Top 15 Best Android Blogging Apps Of 2022 In English

Best Android Blogging Apps 2022 – Use PC or Laptop to do most of the blogging I am taken. It is difficult to do blogging from mobile or we cannot do all the important work from mobile. But still there are many bloggers who do not have PC or laptop or want to blog from mobile.

Or sometimes it happens that we do not have a PC or laptop nearby or in such a situation we have to take the help of mobile for blogging. If you also want to blogging from mobile phone, then it is not difficult to do so. You can also do all the blogging work from your smartphone / mobile, but for this it is necessary to have some important Android blogging apps in your smartphone, with the help of which you can do blogging from mobile easily.. :- Post me today You will go through the top 15 best Android blogging apps necessary for blogging from mobile phone, which will be of great use to you for blogging from mobile.

Blogger :-

Blogger is an essential app for bloggers blogging from the Blogger platform. Blogger is a very good or useful app for bloggers who do blogging from Blogspot platform or blogging from smartphone or mobile. Blogspot blog par new post likhne, Posts ko update or edit karne ke liye yeh app best rahegi. Blogger mobile app gives a lot of work for the users but still this app is very useful for writing post or managing post.. So for those blogspot platform users bloggers blogging from mobile phone, it is very useful for them. Work App Might Prove…


WordPress :-

WordPress mobile app is very important for WordPress platform user bloggers.. These apps are very good features available to you. To do, view visitors or page views, etc. The work you can do with much hope from the released app. Therefore, looking at the features of this app or its importance, this app is very useful for WordPress bloggers blogging from mobile phones.


Tumblr :-

For Tumblr blogging platform user bloggers this is what you need.. You can manage your blog well from mobile with the released app. Well this app is not up to date for more features like WordPress app, but still like blogger app this app is also necessary or helpful. If you have your blog or you do blogging from mobile, then you must have this app in your mobile.. It will be best for you to manage your tumblr blog..


Evernote :-

If you want to write offline post for your blog from mobile, then forever is a best app for blog post writing. On yaha, you can write your blog post well from your mobile or you can publish tab US post on your blog whenever you want. With Evernote, you can write blog posts for any blogging platform. If you do blogging from mobile phone then Evernote app is very useful for you.

Evernote app

Microsoft Word :-

Apart from Evernote, Microsoft Word is one of the best mobile apps for writing new blog posts. I myself use Microsoft Word to write blog posts from my mobile phone. This is the best app. This app is the best app for WordPress platform user bloggers.

You can highlight any word in the app by bolding, italicizing or underlining it. Along with this, you can also do the work of adding text color, font, size, numbering or text me link. Do you post docs through the app? Then you can save in PDF format. You can also save your files to One Drive Me Online with the ISI app so that you can access your files anytime.

You can easily download Microsoft Word from Google Play Store for free. Isly, if you are blogging from mobile phone or continue with understanding the importance of the app, this app is the best app for writing posts from mobile phone for your WordPress blog.

Microsoft Word app

Google Analytics :-

A Google Analytics account comes in very handy to check your blog’s daily visitors, page views, bounce rate, and other statuses. All bloggers are well aware of its importance.

If you do blogging from mobile phone, then Google Analytics app is a must for you. With this app you can check all the details of your blog. If you are interested in checking the status of your blog by going to the browser, then you can use the Google Analytics app, it is also necessary for all bloggers or it is very easy for me to use this app.

google analytics

gAnalytics :-

The gAnalytics app is also similar to Google Analytics. This app will also help you to check the traffic status of your blog.

So if you’re not using the Google Analytics app, you can get me to wake you up. Hi use me line to google analytics app as far as i am concerned. Google Analytics app will give you better results than this.

gAnalytics app

Adsense :-

Google Adsense is the most important source of earning for your blog. If you have Adsense account for your blog, then you must also have Adsense app in your mobile.

Adsense app will help you a lot to check your blog’s daily earnings, clicks, CPC etc. So if you do blogging from mobile phone, you must have Adsense app installed in your mobile, or if you do all blogging related from PC or laptop, then you should definitely keep this app.

google adsense

Google Drive :-

Google Drive is used to back up any strings. In this, you can save the backup of images, videos, documents etc..

If you are a blogger or blogging from a smartphone, then it is necessary to have an app in your smartphone. Backup can be useful to you at any time or it can be a little bit in the blog…

Google Drive

Google Indic Keyboard :-

Google Indic Writer will help you a lot for blog post writing. For bloggers who do blogging in Hindi or write their blog posts in Hindi, this app can be very helpful for them.

It will provide you the easiest option to write in Hindi or if you write in English or Hinglish, it will help you in word improvement. If you do post writing from this app then the chances of me getting your post me words wrong will be very less.. So bloggers blogging from mobile phone must install this app in their mobile..

Google Indic Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard :-

SwiftKey Keyboard is also a good mobile app. This app will provide you good post writing features that you will be expected to write. With this app, your phone keyboard becomes very simple or stylish.

Swiftkey Keyboard gives you features like different keyboard themes, word prediction, 800+ emoji (emotes), smart auto corrector, 60 languages ​​support or 30 colorful layouts that will make your writing skills simple..

Swiftkey keyboard

Writer Plus :-

Writer Plus is also a blog post writing tool or app, with the help of which you can write offline posts for your blog. This app also gives good options for writing.

Better than the same app, you are left about 2 apps Evernote or Microsoft Word, but those days the app is too big in size. If you are searching for any light size app, then this app is best.. This app is also small in site or here you can write your post very well offline from your mobile.

Writer plus app

PictureArt :-

Blog posts me pictures that it is also very important to do, or edit them for blog of your choice before adding photos.. Photo editing for blog can be done with PC or laptop, But it is a bit difficult with mobile..

PictureArt is a photo editing tool or app that lets you edit photos for your blog from your mobile phone as you like. With this you can crop photos, add effects, add text, resize.

PicsArt app

Buffer App :-

Buffer app is also one of the must-have apps for bloggers blogging from smartphone. Buffer app will help you to share your blog post on social media or promote your blog..

It is necessary to promote the new post of your blog, about which I know all the bloggers very well, but sharing the post one by one on all social platforms is a difficult task or it also takes time.

With the help of Buffer app, you can share your blog posts on social platforms like: – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. This will make your work easier or save time.

Buffer App

Facebook Page Manager :-

All bloggers keep a Facebook page for their blog. Blog also has to have a Facebook page. If you also have your own Facebook page or linked with your blog then you need to manage your Facebook page or Facebook page manager app is also necessary to manage Facebook page. With this app you can manage your Facebook page with hope…

Facebook page manager

Final Words :-

These apps are the top or must-have blogging apps for your smartphone. If you install these posts in your phone, blogging from mobile phone will be easy for you.. Also Read – 11 Best Android Apps for YouTube 2022 in English

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