Titan Eyex Smart Eyewear With Music, Voice Assist, Fitness & Eyecare: These glasses are very hi-tech, connect with the smartphone, are equipped with speakers and strong battery

new Delhi. new Delhi. All of you must have worn many glasses which are of different sizes and designs. Although you have hardly worn any such glasses till date, in which you can receive calls as well as do navigation. If you think we are joking, then it is not at all because your glasses are no longer normal and you can also do many of your tasks with it which may have seemed impossible till now. Actually, what kind of glasses have come in the market which is different from normal glasses and it is smart glasses that you can connect to your smartphone. So let’s know which is this smart glass and what is its specialty.

Titan EyeX Smart Eyewear

The smart glass that we are talking about is Titan EyeX which has been launched a while back. It has been launched in the market for ₹ 9999. You may find this price a little high, but when you come to know about its features, then you will also say that perhaps this price is right. Let us tell you that this smart glass connects to your smartphone, then you can access many of its features.

what is the specialty

Titan EyeX Smart Class offers you hands free calling with touch controls and open ear speakers, voice assist: voice navigation and voice notifications, fitness tracker: steps calories and distance, ip54 water resistant, 4 hours of continuous play with find your glasses Is performed. These glasses have been specially designed keeping in mind the people who are short of time as well as want to explore some new gadgets. Smart glasses look like any ordinary glasses but their work is very unique and they are easily available in the market, which you can buy both online and offline.