the kashmir files whatsapp scam: Alert! People lost 30 lakhs while watching The Kashmir Files, doing this big mistake – the kashmir files whatsapp scam people lose 30lakhs police alert not to click on suspicious links

The Kashmir Files This latest film released recently is making headlines. Now it seems that cyber criminals have also found an opportunity to dupe gullible smartphone users by using the name of the film. For the information of you people, let us tell you that Noida’s Additional Deputy Commissioner Ranvijay Singh has warned mobile users about WhatsApp Scam related to ‘The Kashmir Files’.

He has asked the users not to click on any link found on WhatsApp in the name of the film till they are sure about the authenticity of the film. According to Additional Deputy Commissioner Ranvijay Singh, some complaints related to fraud have been registered.

There is a lot of curiosity among people to watch The Kashmir Files and taking advantage of this situation, cyber criminals have started sending links on WhatsApp to download the movie for free.

As soon as a person clicks on this link received on WhatsApp, fraudsters have access to the user’s phone information and they easily steal the personal information. Ranvijay Singh has told this information in a conversation with Times of India.

The Kashmir Files WhatsApp Fraud: This is how it works
First of all, the fraudsters send the link to the people on WhatsApp and this link is accompanied by a message which says that people can download The Kashmir Files movie for free by clicking on the link. As soon as any user clicks on the link, the malware goes to the user’s smartphone.

The malware then works to steal the banking details of the user. Rannvijay Singh has advised smartphone users that if any such link comes on WhatsApp, then do not click on it.

According to the report of Times of India, Rannvijay Singh told that three people reached the police station in 24 hours and all filed a complaint of Cyber ​​Fraud, tell that all three people have lost a total of 30 lakh rupees.