symphony cloud wall-mounted air cooler: World’s first cooler which will hang on the wall like AC, the cost of electricity will be reduced manifold! – symphony cloud worlds first wall mounted air cooler under rs 15000 with remote control

new Delhi. Summer has slowly but surely knocked. In just a few days, the scorching heat will come outside and we will start looking for AC or cooler in the house. Now not everyone is able to afford AC. In such a situation, the only option left is the cooler. Although there are many options of coolers in the market, but did you know that there is also a cooler that will make you feel like AC. It will look like AC to look and run. If we talk about the price, then its cost is like a cooler.

So let us now tell you its name as well. We are talking about Symphony Cloud. Yes, this is the world’s first such cooler that can be mounted on the wall like AC. It looks exactly like AC. By looking at it, one will not be able to find out whether it is AC or cooler. So let’s know.

Symphony Cloud Personal Cooler with Remote: Its capacity is 15 liters. It can be purchased for Rs 13,699 with a discount of 9 percent. Under EMI, this cooler can be purchased by paying a minimum of Rs 645 every month. With this 1 year warranty is being given.
What is USP: It has an expandable water tank of 15 liters. It cools down your room quickly. It cools up to about 2000 sq ft area. It comes with three side cooling pad. Talking about the humidity, it has been given a high-performance dehumidifying system that removes the humidity level from the room.

It also comes with a remote control that allows you to control the cooler from a distance. In this you can also set a timer of 10 hours. It saves electricity bill every month. It comes with several filters including allergy filter, odor filter, bacteria filter, PM 2.5 wash filter and dust filter etc. It has an empty water alarm tank. It alerts when the water level in the tank is low.