samsung wind free ac: Disha Patani enjoys igloo with Samsung’s latest WindFree™ technology AC – disha patani enjoying igloo with samsungs latest windfreetm technology ac feature

new Delhi. Samsung company’s own WindFreeTM Air conditioning with cooling technology is all set to revolutionize the market. Most of us must have experienced that cold air comes directly from our air-conditioner. In such a situation, it is best to turn off the AC and turn it on again so that you can feel comfortable.

Samsung has addressed this problem of users through its patent WindFree.TMAddressed with Tecnology that harnesses the power of 23,000 micro holes to circulate the air and cool the room in a consistent manner.

Strong and Gentle WindFreeTM Disha Patani seems to be increasing the glamor of the air-conditioner-

In this new ad, Disha Patani is in a sleek pop get-up. From building the card castle, she is seen enjoying me-time. That WindFreeTM With AC, she seems to be enjoying a noise free and comfortable life.

This igloo is a visual device for transition. Every Time WindFreeTM If the mode is on, then users will not feel direct air through this technology. This is because inside an igloo that is made of snow, one does not feel a sudden drop in temperature or an extremely cold wind or a straight wind. Along with this, it also keeps the temperature safe from the problem of falling. Similarly, WindFreeTM With cooling, one can now enjoy powerful and gentle cooling without any hassle.

When WindFreeTM mode is on, the flaps are closed and cool air diffuses through 23,000 microholes* @0.15m/s providing uniform cooling to every corner of the room. This creates a still air environment. Cools the room where you are sitting without direct air and without making you cuppy.

WindFreeTMThe AC features 31% wider blades, 18% wider inlet and 15% larger fan for increased airflow. It offers 15m air throw and 43% faster cooling than the regular AC. This AC also works well and quietly. Its stable operation produces less vibration and noise. In this way you can relax after a long day.

It has another specialty – Freeze Wash. It requires minimal effort to clean your AC. It is a DIY cleaning mechanism with a simple 3-step cleaning process.

To know more about this revolutionary air-conditioner, visit the Samsung WindFreeTM website here.

The number of micro holes may vary depending on the capacity of each model.

Testing has been done on the AR12BY5ACWK model compared to Samsung’s conventional model AR12BY5ACWK.

Testing has been done on AR12BY4APWK model.

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