Samsung Launches Wind Free Ac Range: A gift to Samsung before summer arrives! New range of windfree ACs launched, will save up to 43% power – samsung launched new wind free ac range check price and features

new Delhi. Samsung today introduced its 2022 line-up of premium wind free air conditioners that make room environments cool and comfortable. Its wind free technology expels cold air from very small holes with very high speed. Due to this a calm atmosphere is created in the room. If you want to get comfortable cooling then this is the right solution and if you want to upgrade your AC this summer then it can prove to be a great option for you.

Adding a bit more convenience to today’s new-age work-from-home life, the Windfree AC connects seamlessly to Samsung’s SmartThings app via Wi-Fi, allowing you to access Bixby voice assistant, Alexa, and Google Home. You can change its setting by using it or you can switch it on/off. You can also optimize the cooling with Smart AI Auto Cooling and cool the room yourself before reaching home with the Geo-Fencing based Welcome Cooling feature. Along with this, windfree technology can save up to 77 percent power and digital inverter technology can save up to 41 percent in convertible 5-in-1 AC.

In terms of availability, Samsung’s new Windfree AC line-up will be available at all retail stores and e-commerce sites Flipkart and Amazon as well as Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop. Customers buying Samsung air conditioners can get 12.5% ​​or up to Rs 7,500 cashback. At the same time, you can buy it on a monthly EMI as low as Rs 999. The company is providing an additional comprehensive warranty of 5 years with this.

The EasyFilter+ present in the top part of the Samsung Wind Free AC comes with the feature of easy cleaning by taking out, so that you can remove and clean the filter yourself at home. The Tri-Care filter has also been used in certain selected models by adding another layer to provide protection against bacteria, allergens and viruses. If there is no disturbance in the room for 20 minutes, the motion detect sensor automatically switches your AC to windfree mode, thereby reducing power consumption. You can set it so that it emits air from the other side or comes only towards you in the room.

Rajiv Bhutani, Senior Vice President, HVAC Division, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said, “Our latest range of Samsung Wind Free ACs provides comfort by blowing cool air through 23,000 tiny holes and creating a stable atmosphere and a comfortable environment of high refresh. provides. The new line-up is designed to maintain the right temperature and create a calm ambiance by producing just 21 decibels of sound that further aids in the daily life needs of our users. The Smart AI feature of the Windfree Air Conditioner allows people to operate it remotely, while the convertible option helps reduce power consumption. We are confident that this line-up will meet the ever-evolving needs of the users and help us further strengthen our position in the Indian AC market.”

Price, Availability and Warranty:
Samsung’s new range of premium windfree ACs includes 28 models. Their price ranges from Rs 50,990 to Rs 99,990. Users can avail easy EMI options with monthly EMIs as low as Rs 999 and 12.5% ​​cashback offer up to Rs 7,500. The company provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty on PCB controller, fanmotor, copper condenser and evaporator coils.

Consumers who buy Windfree Acer also get 4-hour express service of installation. The new line-up offers the option of Smart Installation, a self-diagnosis feature that ensures that your Samsung AC is installed properly. Users also get a 10-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor.

Samsung is launching 48 more models, of which 44 will be in the convertible 5-in-1 line-up and 4 will be fixed-speed models of air conditioners. The price of these models will start from Rs 45,990 to Rs 77,990. At the same time, users will also be able to take advantage of 15 months interest free monthly EMI scheme on selected models.

The Windfree range of air conditioners enable users to control their air conditioners via Wi-Fi through sound directions such as Bixby, Alexa and Google Home. With the SmartThings app, you can remotely switch on your AC over Wi-Fi and set your preferred settings to give you a cooler room when you get home. Its AI auto-cooling feature optimizes the cooling according to you. Switches on the cooling mode adapted to the outside temperature.

The Windfree range of air conditioners allows users to select one of 5 convertible modes at the press of a button on the remote control. With this, users get the option of customization in the performance of AC from 40 percent to 120 percent. Customized settings – Party mode (120 percent), Normal mode (100 percent), Pleasant (happy) mode (80 percent), Eco mode (60 percent) and Home alone mode (40 percent) – Adjust room temperature according to need And users do not have to tinker with the settings of AC again and again. Along with this, with the help of digital inverter, users can save up to 41 percent power by maintaining the desired temperature without having to start and stop the AC again and again.

To help users save up to 77 percent of their power and cut down on power bills with Windfree, Samsung is also offering low power consumption 3 to 5 star inverter air conditioners. Windfree Good Sleep mode creates a perfect ambiance without irritating cold air in the room, saving up to 77 percent of power compared to True Cooling mode. 2022 Samsung Inverter ACs use environment-friendly R32 gas and are equipped with copper condensers. Samsung copper condensers are made from copper tubes and have an anti-corrosion coating to protect them from corrosion. Equipped with motion detect sensors, these air conditioners automatically switch to power saving mode if there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes, saving up to 43% of electricity.

If there is no activity for 20 minutes, the windfree mode is activated and the temperature can change up to 28 degrees Celsius. But as soon as any activity comes in its grip, then it comes back to the old mode. Samsung always strives to create products that provide convenience and health for the users. With this in mind, the new line-up of wind free air conditioners are equipped with filters to deliver clean and breathable air.

The Samsung Windfree ACs come with PM 1.0 filters that help make the air clean and breathable by capturing tiny dust particles, and eliminating viruses and bacteria. PM 1.0 filters are washable and reusable, due to which the user’s cost on them is very low. The Windfree Wind Free range of air conditioners are also equipped with TriCare Filters which effectively filter out harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens. The air quality is monitored with a laser sensor that users can see through a digital 4-colour aurora lighting. In this, red color is very bad, yellow color is bad, green color is normal and blue color is a sign of good air quality. This innovative filter can clean itself through the AI ​​purifying function. Samsung Windfree ACs also come with Easy Filter+ technology. It is a self-service option that allows users to remove the filter at home and clean it faster. This filter is mounted on the top of the air conditioner, which can be easily removed and cleaned. EasyFilter+ reduces harmful bacteria by up to 99% and also captures large dust particles, animal hair, fibers and household dust.