russia ukraine war: Ukraine-Russia: Once again the world seems to be divided into two factions, India should not compromise on its interests

After the start of the war between the armies of Ukraine and Russia, it is being feared that it will be prolonged. Meanwhile, India is under pressure, especially from Europe, to take a tough stance towards Russia. France is a close ally of India in Europe. He wants India to take a tough stand on Russia in the UN Security Council as Russia has allegedly violated the UN Charter. He has attacked a sovereign country. France has said that the instability created in Europe by Russia’s attack on Ukraine will not be good for India. In the same matter, EU Foreign Affairs Representative Joseph Borrell also called Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and the two discussed the serious situation in Ukraine. They also discussed how India can play a role in ending this conflict. Recently Jaishankar went on a visit to France. There too he took the side of Russia in a way. Jaishankar had said that the concern about the expansion of NATO in the countries around Russia is justified. Even after that, India has not criticized Russia’s steps.

Russia Ukraine War Updates: Ukraine, in India’s shelter to persuade Russia, calls Jaishankar and seeks help in UNSC
In this context, the conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday also assumes significance. In this, Putin informed the Prime Minister about the latest situation. In this too, the Prime Minister appealed to Putin to immediately cease the ceasefire and resolve the dispute through dialogue. In fact, India is in a very difficult position in this whole matter. On the one hand, he is an important member of an organization like the Quad for the Indo-Pacific region with America. This organization has been created with the aim of stopping the expansionist policies of China. China has taken aggression here against India regarding the Line of Actual Control. India feels that the Quad will help in stopping China. Russia, on the other hand, is an important ally in terms of its strategic preparedness. India gets 60 percent of the arms supply from Russia. Therefore, he does not want to anger Russia as well because it will have a bad effect on India’s defense preparedness. Therefore, it is important for India to maintain a balance in the Ukraine issue. It also needs Russia along with the US, France and other European allies. This is the biggest test for India and also an opportunity. If it is able to help in the diplomatic initiative to stop the war in Ukraine and that initiative is successful, then it will increase its stature among the global community and India’s interest will also be protected.


India should not compromise on its interests