Russia-Ukraine conflict: Russia-Ukraine: peace first – opinion on Russia-Ukraine conflict

The very next day after recognizing the two provinces of Ukraine as independent countries, Russia sent its army there and with this a war has started between the two countries. Although Russia is currently calling it just a military action, but internationally it is being considered as Russia’s encroachment of Ukraine’s borders. It remains to be seen how far America and other NATO countries go in their reaction to this action of Russia. Meanwhile, India’s first concern is to ensure the safety of over 20,000 Indians stranded in Ukraine, most of whom are students. A state of emergency has been imposed across Ukraine. The situation is worrying due to missile attacks and bombings happening everywhere. An Air India plane sent to bring back the stranded citizens had to be turned back halfway as its safe landing there was not being ensured. Video messages of various students are also coming from there, in which the Government of India is being urged to remove them from there.

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Meanwhile, efforts have been intensified by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassy in Kiev to reach out to those students and reassure them. Not only have the helpline numbers been provided, but alternative measures to evacuate the students are also being considered. As far as the other side effects of this war are concerned, its continuation has also started with the tremendous fall in the markets around the world. In India too, the Sensex and Nifty saw a fall of about 3.5 per cent. In the international market, the price of crude oil has crossed $100 per barrel, which is the record high of the last seven years. These are side effects that have happened immediately. Their effect will also continue to come before us in different forms, but the bigger question is, how much more will the situation get worse and how long will it take for peace to be established.

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Of course, the situation is complicated, but many observers are saying that if Russia’s two core demands related to not joining NATO and observance of the Minsk Agreement, considering its security concerns, it might have been addressed in time. : The situation should not get worse. But, when you wake up, it’s morning. Even now the international fraternity should not allow certain countries or leaders to make it a question of their prestige and find a way to establish peace at the earliest, respecting the legitimate concerns of all concerned.