Russia And Ukraine Must Follow What They Agreed Upon – Editorial: Choose Peace Now, Show Seriousness to the Agreement

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. Neither is there any reduction in the loss of life and property due to this, nor is Ukraine ready to bow down to Russia’s attacks. Despite this, the signs that some consensus is emerging during the talks between the two sides are quite significant. One of the good things about this matter is that the two sides did not stop the process of dialogue between themselves even during the war. Although initially the talks were just a formality, now reports say that the two sides have discussed in totality on a draft of a 15-point agreement and some of those points are likely to be agreed upon. Both the countries have also acknowledged some positive development in the talks.

It is being said that Russia may be ready to withdraw its army if Ukraine assures to remain neutral. Since the President of Ukraine has already said not to insist on NATO membership, he can give his consent without inviting charges of surrender to the enemy. Russian President Putin has also said he is concerned about his own security interests and has no intention of occupying Ukraine.

In this way, at least in principle, the ground between the two sides is left on which a wall of agreement can be erected. But like the claims of causing harm to the enemy during war, promises of peace cannot be over-valued. It is not decided when the situation will take a turn and who will turn away from their statements. Therefore, the role of leaders maintaining liaison with both sides becomes quite important at this juncture.

It is clear that if the question of existence has arisen before Ukraine, then Russia is also surrounded by troubles due to this war. The prolonging of the war day by day is making his position difficult. The siege is increasing outside, the voices of protest are also getting stronger from inside the country. In such a situation, if there is any chance to return claiming victory, then it is prudent for Putin to take advantage of it. It should be expected that in these circumstances Russia will understand the importance of peace, for which Ukraine has been appealing continuously.