russia and ukraine crisis: Russia-Ukraine: War in the present situation is not good for either side, opinion on russia and ukraine conflict

In a sudden major diplomatic initiative, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Moscow on Monday amid fears of confrontation between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. Around the same time, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz went to Washington to meet US President Joe Biden. The German chancellor’s visit to the US, however, was intended to debunk the notion that NATO had any internal differences on the Ukraine issue or that Germany was reluctant to move forward on the issue. After the meeting, both Biden and Scholz showed solidarity, saying that they are all together on this issue. But despite this demonstration of unity, everyone’s attention was focused on the meeting of Putin and Macron in Moscow. Russia has been saying repeatedly that it has no intention of military intervention in Ukraine, despite the mobilization of one lakh thirty thousand soldiers on the Ukrainian border. America and European countries argue that if this is true then they should withdraw their soldiers from the border, but Russia is not ready for this. Before that, he wants a promise that Ukraine and other former Soviet nations will not be included in NATO. America and European countries are not ready to give any such assurance. Therefore, this situation of tense standoff has persisted for the last several days. However, in the current situation, the situation of war is not good for either side.

While the disruption of gas supply from Russia will cost Germany and other European countries, it will also affect America’s strategy to isolate China. Of course, due to domestic political compulsions, the US President cannot currently afford to bow down to Russia in any way. The decision to withdraw the army from Afghanistan has already done a lot of damage to his image. In such an environment, suitable diplomatic initiative can prove to be a relief for all. Keep in mind, Macron had three phone conversations with Putin before flying to Moscow. He also had a long talk with Joe Biden. Despite this, before the meeting, both the sides had made it clear that no immediate solution should be expected from this meeting. No details of the talks between the two have been revealed yet, but neither side has expressed disappointment. Macron has definitely said that the next few days are important. From this, it seems that both the parties have agreed on some things, but a lot of work is yet to be done on this. It is expected that this initiative of dialogue will prepare such a ground for further detailed talks, on which it will not be difficult to stand and build bridges of agreement.