rohit sharma captain: beginning of rohit era – rohit ear for indian cricket team

With the announcement of handing over the captaincy of the upcoming Test series against Sri Lanka to Rohit Sharma, the process of changing the captaincy of all three formats has been completed. In other words, the Virat Kohli era of Indian cricket has officially come to an end. Now the responsibility of taking Indian cricket forward has fallen on the shoulders of Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid. Although the matter of handing over the captaincy of all three formats to Rohit Sharma after Virat Kohli was believed to be fixed for some time, but if we look back a little further, then the process of reaching this decision was very volatile and uncertain. Till a few months ago, when no one had imagined Virat Kohli’s resignation, then Ajinkya Rahane was naturally being considered as his successor. He was also the vice-captain and in that capacity whenever the responsibility of leading the team came upon him, he fulfilled that responsibility to the best of his ability. But all of a sudden the form went haywire and it had such an impact on his performance that he could not even make it to the team in the Test series against Sri Lanka. Cheteshwar Pujara’s form also betrayed another senior player. Both of these factors may have made it a little easier for the selectors to make Rohit Sharma the captain of the three formats at the moment, but the complexities associated with it still remain.

Team India For SL Series: Big change in Team India as soon as Rohit Sharma became Test captain, not only Pujara-Rahane, they also got leave
Rohit’s experience is definitely a plus point for the team, but the same thing also reminds him that in terms of age, he is only twenty, not nineteen, to Virat Kohli. So, the workload that brought Virat to the decision of giving up the captaincy of all three formats, will it not affect Rohit in any way? Especially when Rohit has already struggled with the problem of fitness. Secondly, they don’t have much time. Seven months later, the T20 World Cup is about to start, which will be the first major test of his captaincy. The good thing is that not only Rohit himself but also the team management is well aware of Rohit’s weak points. While handing over the captaincy to him, the goal has been kept clear that under his leadership, the team has to prepare future captains. Secondly, the lack of coordination between the coach, the captain and the team management, which came in the last days of Virat Kohli’s tenure, is not a problem with Rohit. If there is proper coordination and balance, then even difficult problems can be easily dealt with. It is expected that the captaincy of Rohit Sharma will not only reward the team with proud achievements but will also show the way to a better future.