Quad Meet Discussion: India-China dispute raised in quad

The India-China border dispute also figured prominently in the meeting of foreign ministers of the Quad countries held in Melbourne, Australia on Friday. In the press conference held on Saturday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar told the media about this that the situation on the LAC worsened because China did not honor the written agreements with India. He also said that when a major country starts disrespecting written agreements, it becomes a matter of legitimate concern for the entire international fraternity. The importance of the rise of these things in the Quad can be gauged from the fact that even China could not ignore it. Immediately after the meeting of the foreign ministers, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement attacking the Quad. It said that the Quad is deliberately trying to escalate the confrontation and undermine the spirit of international cooperation. Taking this sharp reaction of China moderately, the Quad countries made it clear from their side that this group is not against anyone. Although there may be a reason behind China’s sharp reaction, but if seen, nothing has happened in the Quad meeting, which can be considered as something outside its purview. Various countries keep each other informed about the latest developments in their neighboring areas on this platform.

Its stated objective has been to ensure a rules-based international order in the world. In such a situation, if China’s behavior raises concern, then such a reaction from the member countries is natural. If there is anything new in this context, then there has been a change in the way India has expressed its views. Not only in the Quad meeting but also in the press conference held the next day, the edge of External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s attitude could not escape the eyes of international observers. He is generally known for speaking his mind in a modest manner. If some aggression is seen in his tone, then behind this is the sense of indifference shown by China on border related questions. Keep in mind, 14 rounds of military-diplomatic talks have been held between the two sides regarding the latest disputes that have emerged on the LAC, but in that sense there is no significant progress in breaking the deadlock. China has to understand that the attitude of hanging things like this is not in anyone’s favor. Any solution to the border dispute has to be found only through mutual dialogue between the two countries and negotiations will be successful only when both sides, willing to reach an agreement, participate in it with all seriousness.