politics over hijab controversy

The controversy over wearing the hijab in Udupi, Karnataka escalated to the point that schools and colleges across the state had to be closed for three days on Tuesday. The controversy started last month when six girls were barred from entering a college in Udupi on the grounds that they were wearing hijabs. The next turning point in the controversy came when some boys came wearing saffron garlands. He said that if girls are allowed to wear hijab, then we will also put on saffron gamcha. After this the matter spread to the surrounding areas as well and tension started increasing. However, it is to be noted that the small matter of a college in a city which could have been resolved with a little understanding, not only continued for a month but also became the cause of such a huge uproar in the entire state. Now not only the High Court is hearing this matter, but the state government is also citing the rules and regulations, but till some time ago there was no dispute in that entire area about hijab in that college also. What happened all of a sudden that it became mandatory to implement the rule prohibiting Muslim girls from wearing hijab in that college headed by BJP MLA? Then there is also the question that the dispute which was between some girls and the college administration, how did it take a political colour?

What is the hijab controversy in Karnataka, due to which the political mercury has increased, why Hindu girls are going to college in scarves?
Clearly, this controversy is not as spontaneous as it seems. Politics is playing an important role in this from behind the scenes. The tug of war between the BJP and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the Popular Front of India (PFI), is at the root of the dispute in the region. Boys and girls protesting in support and against hijab have the support of SDPI’s student wing CFI and BJP’s student wing ABVP. But the result of this battle for political supremacy between the two has been that children who should have focused on studies together are seeing each other as their opponents and enemies on the basis of dress. This situation is not only harmful for the academic session but can also pollute the school-colleges environment for a long time. Although the matter is also in the court and as the High Court has said, its legal aspects will be heard by a larger bench, but in the meantime the government and the college administration must try to resolve the matter at their level as soon as possible.


Behind the scenes tug of politics