phone has these tiny lines: These tiny lines on the side of the phone are very important, without it there will be no call or message! – every phone has these tiny lines on sides do you know what it is

new Delhi. Over the years we have come across a variety of phone models. Whether it is a flip phone or a slide-out type phone. Most of the phones look pretty much the same. The only difference is that someone’s button is on the other side and someone’s SIM tray is on the top or bottom. But many times we are not able to pay attention to the important aspects of the phone. Yes, one such aspect may have escaped your sight.

Have you ever seen the lines on the sides of the phone? If yes, do you know what happens after all? If not, then today we will tell you in this article what are these lines.

What do these lines on the sides of the phone mean:
These lines given on the sides of the phone have great importance. These are antenna lines. Nowadays it is given in many phones. These lines actually serve as small windows. But they are not for light but for radio webs. The webs that come from your phone’s internal Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE/5G antenna connect your phone to the Internet. These are electromagnetic websites that make your phone an actual communication device.

However, not all phones need these lines. Phones that are already made of plastic are quite transparent for radio webs. Similarly, glass allows radio waves but not as easily as plastic. Now come the glass-backed phones that have a mostly metal frame, which still have some short antenna lines.

Antenna lines are no magic wand for phone design. But if these are blocked from your hand, then you may face problem in getting network or internet. So the next time you don’t have a strong internet connection and if you have these tiny lines on your phone, make sure you are not covering them. This is what makes your phone so much more than a calculator.