nuclear war threat by russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly stunned everyone by mentioning the possibility of using nuclear weapons. The world has been witness to such situations during the Cold War. America and its allies also had the option of ordering their military to be prepared for a nuclear attack in response, but they did not do so. The US ambassador to the United Nations on Sunday afternoon assured the Security Council that there was no threat to Russia from his side. He also said that Putin’s move was unnecessary and could put everyone’s security at risk. The White House has also clarified that there has been no change in the status of the alert from its side. Despite this, Putin’s alert order resulted in the threat of nuclear war becoming a real threat to the world. Simultaneously, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which Putin himself described as a limited military action, came to be seen as a war whose magnitude of effects remained uncontrollable.

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The question is, what happened in these four days after the attack that Putin himself was forced to indicate contrary to his initial claims? Whatever the answer, it is clear from this that his military action against Ukraine did not prove to be as easy as Putin thought. Despite Putin’s call, the Ukrainian army has not yet shown any signs of split, division or rebellion, but the kind of enthusiasm shown by ordinary Ukrainians against this attack, it does not seem that the road ahead is easy for the Russian army. is going to live. Meanwhile, NATO countries may not have sent troops in favor of Ukraine, but the supply of weapons from their side is also going to prove to be very important. On Sunday, the European Union decided to supply arms to a warring country for the first time in history. But more worrying for Russia is the announcement of economic sanctions.

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The decision by the European Union Commission and the US to impose sanctions on the Russian central bank and partially withdraw Russia from the SWIFT system is a very serious one. SWIFT is a messaging platform through which all countries direct financial transactions and 11,000 banking and financial institutions are connected to it. These steps may not only make it difficult for Russia to pay its import-export bills, but its entire financial system may also come to a standstill. That’s why Russia has taken steps like capital control with a huge increase in interest rates. These incidents are proving once again that in today’s era war is not an easy option for anyone. But will these signals prompt both sides to find a respectable path to peace by leading them to a ceasefire? In the current circumstances, we can only hope for it.