New Powerful and Gentle Samsung AC, which will give you the feeling of perfect cooling in summer – all new samsung ac offers you the powerful and gentle cooling fea ture

There is nothing more comfortable than a luxurious air conditioner at home with the temperature rising every year in the summer. However, there are times when the direct cold air coming from the air-conditioner feels harsh, due to which the only solution is to turn the AC off and on. Now say goodbye to this kind of hassle as Samsung has introduced its new WindFreeTM technology. Disha Patani learn how with the help of this engaging film, this amazing technique offers you powerful and gentle cooling without any direct wind.

Have you liked it from now on? Why is the WindFreeTM AC the perfect air-conditioner for your home this summer? Wait to read this.

1) The chilling cold wind is no more
Most of us experience the problem of direct cold air coming from the AC. Often, we wear light jackets or divert the direction of our AC vents to escape the cold wind. However, the WindFreeTM technology uses 23000 micro holes to spread the cool air evenly throughout the room and gives you a comfortable cooling experience. It creates a stable air environment and it doesn’t matter where you are sitting because you can enjoy the cool room without feeling the shivering caused by the chilly air.

2) low energy consumption
While this technology is all about making life comfortable, the Samsung WindFreeTM AC uses 77%* less energy.

3) Healthy living
All Samsung products are designed with comfort and health in mind. That is why this new AC is equipped with various filters including PM1.0## filter which provides clean and breathable air. It traps ultra-fine dust as well as sterilizes bacteria and viruses. Please note that the filter is washable and reusable. WindFreeTM AC also takes care of your skin by providing mild cooling which prevents skin irritation and helps in controlling the pH level of your skin.

4) Smart and intuitive experience
Smart homes are not far behind in this era of smart living. Here is a perfect example. WindFreeTM AC’s motion detect sensor automatically switches the AC to energy saving mode if there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes#. You can also remotely switch on the AC using a WiFi connection or set it to a preferred setting*. The AI ​​auto-cooling feature switches to the most appropriate cooling mode based on your preference and the outside temperature.

5) easy maintenance
Contactless service is the new normal these days. Hence, Samsung WindFreeTM AC is equipped with DIY Freeze Wash feature, which eliminates 90% of bacteria along with dirt with the help of heat exchanger. This means that you will not need to make repeated calls to someone to get the service done.

The new age Samsung WindFreeTM AC adds to the beauty of your home that goes beyond basic cooling. This is yet another innovation from Samsung that keeps you away from the cold and provides the perfect respite from the scorching heat. Not only this, you can buy this AC and get up to 20%### cashback. It can also be bought with 5 Years Comprehensive Warranty#### introductory EMI of ₹990###.

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*Tested on AR12BY5ACWK model based on power consumption in Fast Cooling vs. WindFreeTM Cooling Mode.

Tested on #AR12TY5AAWK model

**As per Intertek Test Report. Report No. RS20E-S0024. Test Standard: KS K 0693: 2016 (For Anti Bacteria)

##PM 1.0 Available on select models only.

***Requires Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account. It stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most useful options.

### EMI & Cashback at the discretion of the issuer/NBFC

**Comprehensive warranty is valid for condenser, PCB, evaporated coil, fan motor, gas recharge (only when condenser is being replaced)

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.