netflix password sharing: bap re bap! Netflix users should stop this work today or else they will have to pay extra money soon – netflix password sharing stop soon and users of these netflix plans need to pay extra

Every OTT lover likes to watch Netflix and Netflix Password is very common. We all know very well that there are many people who have shared their Netflix password with many people. That is, the same Netflix subscription is running in many different devices, but now the company is going to put a brake on this trend. By taking a single subscription, people share the password with their friends or relatives so that everyone can enjoy the content.

But because of this, the users are benefiting, while the company’s loss, in view of this, now the company is thinking of turning off the brake on password sharing.

What will change?
Netflix is ​​working on bringing two new features to remove sharing funds, first add extra members and second transfer profile to new account.

What will be the Add Extra Member Option
In this option, members with standard and premium Netflix plans will be able to add sub-accounts for two people. These sub-accounts will also have their own login and password and will be available at a low cost. Let us know that these features are being tested in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru and it is being said that they will cost 2,380CLP in Chile, $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica and 7.9PEN in Peru.

Overall, the company will soon provide users with standard and premium Netflix plans the facility to create two sub-accounts to add two people to their account, but for this, they will have to pay extra.