mini portable projector: this bluetoot portable projector can turn your home into cinema hall

new Delhi. If you are planning to do something special in your home this festive season, then today we have brought a powerful product for you. Let us tell you that at this time there is a crowd of people going to watch movies, so you may have some problem. Despite this, if you want, you can enjoy movies at your home and that too in theater style but for this you will have to change to a product which is a great projector. Today we have brought you this projector which is not only economical but will also turn your home into a cinema hall and offer you a great movie experience.

This is a powerful projector whose price is being asked on Flipkart for just ₹ 9999. This projector is actually ₹ 12999 but a discount of 23 percent is being offered by the company on it, which can save a lot of customers. If you also want to buy this projector, then you have only a few days chance because this deal will not last long, this is because the demand for this projector will also be very high due to the low price, due to which buy it. After a few days it will be impossible.

If we talk about the specialty, then customers will get LED picture quality in this projector, as well as you will be able to watch movies from this projector from a distance of 14 feet, not only this, the lamplight of this projector is also 20000 hours, so you will get a strong Visual experience is about to come. This projector comes with a replacement policy of 7 days, so if you feel any problem with it, then you can replace it in 1 week.