mini portable ac: This great portable ac is selling at hand price of fan, electricity bill will be reduced by less than half – mini portable ac in cheapest price ever on amazon under rs 1000

new Delhi. Mini AC is one such product that can be of great use to you in the summer season. The weather is changing and people are slowly starting to run fan-coolers in their homes. Many people are even buying coolers. Today we are giving you information about an air cooler which comes at a very low price. You can pick it up and keep it anywhere. Let us tell you that there are cheap and portable ACs on the e-commerce portal Amazon, which you can keep anywhere and take it with you. You can keep them anywhere on your table, bed or dining room. Due to this, the electricity bill is also very less compared to AC. Also it can run with inverter.

Start with USB cable:

This AC can be operated very easily with the help of USB cable. Coming to the cooling range, it cools down small spaces quickly and efficiently. It has the option of low, middle and high speed. Not only does it cool the room, but it also acts as a humidifier and purifier. Its price is also very less. Just say that their price is like the price of a fan. So let us tell you about this portable AC.

Mini Portable Air Cooler Fan Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler:

It works 3 in 1. It has 3 speed modes and you can place it anywhere. You will be able to keep it anywhere from office to shop. It gives cool air and it does not cost much electricity. It can also be run with the help of mobile phone charger or power bank. Its price is Rs 999.

MNV Portable USB Battery Operated air conditioner mini Water air Cooler:

You can buy it from Amazon for Rs 419. It is an easy-fill water tank that can last up to 8 hours. It is eco-friendly. You can also fill cold water in it. It has 3 functions which include Cool, Humidify and Purify. It has a built-in LED light which you can change according to your mood. It has been given Utilizing Evaporative Technology which converts hot air into cold air.