kids online bill 2022: Kids online be safe – kids online safety bill 2022

Concern has been raised for a long time around the world about the negative impact of social media on children. Now the US Congress has taken a concrete initiative in this matter. There, two senators belonging to the Republican and Democratic parties have introduced the Kids Online Safety Bill 2022. As it is clear, the senators of both the parties have brought this bill together, it has the support of both the parties and the opposition, so there should be no problem in getting the bill passed by both the houses. There are several provisions in the bill to persuade tech companies to add features to prevent potential misuse of their products and make them more responsible for the potential side-effects of their products. For example, according to this, social media companies will have to provide privacy options for the sake of users and also provide the facility to disable such features which are likely to be addictive. Similarly, it will be mandatory to provide such tools in the app, through which parents can keep an eye on how much time children are spending on the app. Not only this, these companies will also be expected to make continuous efforts towards protecting children from possible harm. Keep in mind that children do not tend to commit suicide or harm themselves because of their products.

Apart from this, it has also been said in the bill that there should be an independent system to see whether the companies are performing their duties properly or not. It will also be mandatory for social media companies to share data related to minor users with research institutions or private researchers so that the research work on changes in children’s behavior patterns and various aspects related to them can go ahead smoothly. Behind this concrete initiative of the US Congress, there has been an important role of serious discussions on this issue for the past several months, which started with the revelations about Facebook last year. While Facebook rubbished former employees’ allegations that it was prioritizing profits over user safety, the controversy underscores the need for legal curbs on tech companies. If this bill turns into law and if it is implemented properly, then it is quite possible that some of its benefits will automatically reach the users of other countries. But it is not enough. Other countries should also take necessary steps to ensure the safety of users in view of their specific circumstances. It’s not good to delay it any longer.