Joe Biden Has Created Uneasy Situation For US By His Recent Comments On Russian President Vladimir Putin A Butcher

On Saturday, more than a month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, the sentiments of most countries in the world were with him. But after what President Biden said there, it has become a little more difficult for his supporters to stand by his stand than before. During his visit to Europe, the US President not only described Russian President Putin as a butcher, but also said in an emotional way, ‘Oh my God, this man can’t stay in power’.

The Russian spokesman also responded without delay, ‘The US President or the people of America will not decide who can and cannot remain in power in Russia.’ This statement also created an uncomfortable situation for the US government. Just before Biden began his return journey aboard a US Force One plane, clarifications poured in from his aides that the president was not calling for an immediate change of power in Moscow. However, the matter has gone out of President Biden’s mouth. Now it cannot be withdrawn through explanations.

By the way, Biden only strengthened Putin’s stand by saying that America has been interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and has also attacked him several times to change power. By the way, what Biden said, it is not unusual to generate such feelings in a war-like situation. It is quite possible that the ruling circles in Russia have similar sentiments about Ukrainian President Zelensky. But matters between sovereign countries are not settled on the basis of such sentiments. These feelings do not give the vision to settle the dispute, only give rise to the childish stubbornness that causes the war to prolong unnecessarily.

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Keep in mind, when this alleged military action of Russia against Ukraine began, many experts thought that two days would be enough to reach its end. But more than a month later, the situation is that Ukraine remains taut even after suffering unimaginable losses and Russia is facing direct or indirect threats to use nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Russia has suffered no less. There are also reports of shortage of essential goods in many cities due to the disruption of the supply line. Obviously, the longer the war drags on, the losses on both sides will increase. In such a situation, it would be better if this war stops. And the common people of both the countries should not have to pay for it.