iphone se 3 partition video: iPhone SE 3 in two pieces! iPhone se 3 video revealed its battery capacity more than iphone se 2

new Delhi. If we tell you that the iPhone SE 3 is broken into two pieces, will you believe us? Let us tell you that a YouTube video is in the news, in which the iPhone SE 3 is shown in two pieces. If seen, after buying an iPhone, we can never cut it into two pieces, but this person has done it. After splitting the iPhone SE 3 into two pieces, its parts are visible. This is being said to be the company’s budget phone. After opening the third generation model of iPhone SE in two parts, its battery and 5G connectivity modem have been revealed. As per the video, the battery of iPhone SE 3 is bigger than that of iPhone SE 2. Apart from this, Qualcomm Snapdragon X57 modem has also been given in the phone for 5G connectivity, which is clearly visible in the video.

Parts of the phone have appeared in the video of the iPhone SE 2022. There is a big difference between the battery of iPhone SE 3 and iPhone SE 2. While the battery of iPhone SE 2 is 1821mAh, the battery of iPhone SE 3 is of 2018mAh. What this simply means is that this phone is capable of giving an extra backup of 2 hours. It’s a matter of video playback. At the same time, 10 hours of backup can be found in audio playback.

iphone se 3

photo credit: P3K reviews

The Snapdragon X57 modem used in the iPhone SE 3 is custom made. Please note that 5G support is limited to bands below 6GHz only. Just as the iPhone 13 doesn’t support fast mmWave bands in the 5G spectrum, the iPhone SE 3 doesn’t support them either.

iPhone SE 3 has 4 GB RAM, which is 1 GB more than the iPhone SE 2. If seen, the difference of 1 GB RAM is not a huge difference for processing. But it definitely enhances the capability of the phone. This video of the phone is not made for any reason but only to see what is in the iPhone SE 3. Going by the video, the iPhone SE 3 is very similar to the iPhone SE 2.

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