iPhone 12 Mini Price Offers: iPhone 12 Mini is getting cheaper than iPhone SE 2022, bring home for just Rs 36,999! – iphone 12 mini grab it cheaper than iphone se 2022 just for rs36999 with flipkart offers

If you also plan to buy the new iPhone SE 2022 aka iPhone SE 3, then you also need to know that you can bring the big iPhone 12 Mini home for less than the iPhone SE 2022. If you are not shocked, what is the offer on this iPhone model and how you can buy iPhone 12 mini for Rs 37,000, today we will give you detailed information about this through this article.

iPhone 12 Mini Price Offers
For the information of you people, let us tell you that due to the discount and exchange offer on Flipkart, you will get this phone for less than the iPhone SE 3.

Let us tell you that not only on iPhone 12 Mini, you will get a plethora of Flipkart Offers on Phone SE 2022 and Phone SE 2020 as well. You can avail bumper discounts on all these three models.

iPhone 12 mini Price in India
The 64 GB variant of the iPhone 12 Mini is being sold on Flipkart for Rs 49,999 after a discount of 16 percent, which means you will save Rs 9,901.

At the same time, if you exchange your old phone, you can also get an exchange value of up to Rs 13,000. This means that if you get the full exchange value, then this phone will cost you Rs 36,999 (Rs 49,999 (price of the phone) – (minus) Rs 13000 (exchange value) = Rs 36,999 (on getting the full exchange value).

Let us know that the 64 GB variant of the latest iPhone SE 2022 model costs Rs 43,900.