instagram voice message story reply: New feature added for Instagram Story! Will be able to reply to story without typing – instagram may soon voice notes story reply features for users

new Delhi. Instagram offers users many options to reply to Stories. These options include instant reactions, GIFs and text messages and most of you must have used them. When you give a reaction to someone on his story with the help of any option, it goes directly to the message box of that person, which can be easily read by the user who put the story. Let us tell you that the company is now preparing to bring a new way to react to short videos and images.

To give feedback on the image, the company and the developers are working on a feature that will allow you to reply to Stories via voice message. This will not only save the time of Instagram users, but also help them to convey their point to the front in a better way.

A screenshot of the upcoming feature shared by the developer shows that the option to send a voice note while replying to a story will appear right next to the GIF option in the message bar. Users should be able to record a voice note in response to an Instagram story by long-pressing the mic icon. It’s the same as sending a voice note to someone. The only difference is that now you are going to see this feature in Stories as well.

Instagram has recently introduced many new features on its platform. For starters, the company brought back the chronological feed on its platform in the form of the following feed, which shows users posts from all the people they follow. and the Favorites feed, which shows users the latest posts from the accounts they choose. In addition, Meta has also rolled out the feature that will enable users to add captions to their videos with the tap of a button.