Indian students in ukraine: Concern over the death of an Indian student in Ukraine, the government’s efforts should be removed as soon as possible.

The death of an Indian youth in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Tuesday has increased the concern of all the Indians trapped there and their families and friends here manifold. He died when he had gone out of the house to get food items and went to a nearby shop. It also shows the difficult situation people are in in Ukrainian cities that have been targeted by Russian attacks. In homes and bunkers, if they remain somewhat safe from bomb attacks, they are at risk of becoming a morsel of hunger. Meanwhile, the news of the death of another youth came, which is said to be from Barnala in Punjab. Naturally, after these reports, the work of bringing back the countrymen trapped in Ukraine was intensified. In order to maintain the necessary synergy and make the whole process more and more smooth, four Union Ministers were already engaged. Large Air Force aircraft were also sent on Tuesday. The intention is to complete the evacuation of all the people as soon as possible. But how fast the situation on the ground is changing, it can be gauged from the fact that on Tuesday morning, Union Minister General VK Singh tweeted – Whoever stays where they are in Ukraine, everyone will be evacuated. But within a few hours of this, the Indian Embassy issued an advisory saying that all Indians should leave Kyiv as soon as possible. The reason behind this advisory was information that a long convoy of Russian tanks was moving rapidly towards the capital, Kyiv.

Indian Died in Ukraine: Indian student died in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Russia’s attack also injured India
However, no matter how much trouble this war is bringing to the whole world including Ukraine, it is proving to be no less a big disaster for Russia itself. The kind of resistance the Russian military is facing inside Ukraine is not only unexpected, but an even bigger problem is economic sanctions. America, the European Union, France, Britain and Japan – the common frontline of all of them has created a mountain of difficulties in front of Russia on the economic front. The whole world public opinion is against him, while Russia is left alone. In such a situation, even if Russia succeeds in its military action in Ukraine in some time, then its troubles will not go away. As far as India is concerned, after the safe evacuation of all the Indians trapped there, it will be faced with the question of ensuring the security of its business interests related to Russia. But it should be remembered that Russia is now a country which is a villain in the eyes of the West and is facing many sanctions. In such a situation, India will also have to take decisions keeping in mind its interests.