india students in ukraine: students evacuated from SUMI, opinion on indians rescued from ukraines different city

Indian students trapped in the Ukrainian city of Sumi were successfully evacuated from there on Tuesday. They were taken in buses to relatively safer cities in Ukraine, from where they would be brought home by planes operated under Operation Ganga. In the adverse situation in which these 694 students are being rescued amidst all the difficulties, the officials of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassy in Ukraine have to be commended. Sumy is one of the few cities in Ukraine hit hardest by the war. Naturally, the students trapped there felt themselves most surrounded. The exit was not only free from danger, it was also difficult to stay locked in bunkers or rooms because the need for food and water was not being met. Once that moment also came, when these helpless students from all sides set out on foot that even if they lost their lives in bombs or missile attacks, they would definitely try to return to the country. With great difficulty the Indian Embassy officials could persuade them to return after persuading them. Since the city is close to the Russian border, these students could not have been evacuated safely without a ceasefire. Even when Russia declared a ceasefire, an attempt to evacuate them failed because Ukraine was unwilling to allow them to pass through the Russian border.

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This shows how small things can become a big hindrance in a war situation. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself took the initiative and held talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then such a plan could be made to evacuate these students, which all parties agreed to. This was the most difficult part of Operation Ganga, which was completed successfully. However, many Indians are still stuck in different parts of Ukraine. A human corridor has been built for them with the consent of Russia and Ukraine. The Ministry of External Affairs has appealed to all such Indians to take advantage of the human corridor and come to safer areas by whatever means are available. War is the only thing that suffers the most from those who are least responsible for it. And those who are most helpless, most helpless. Students who have gone to study in an unknown country away from home and family come in this category. The good thing is that the Government of India not only stood by these students but also brought them all safely to their country by displaying exceptional diplomatic skills. This successful campaign has also instilled a new confidence in the NRI community spread across the world that their country will stand by them in case of any crisis.


Students evacuated from Sumi