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As the situation in Ukraine worsens, the debate about the ill-effects of this war is also increasing around the world. A similar resolution was introduced at an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday after the UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution condemning the Russian attack. This resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority, but like the Security Council, India did not participate in the voting here. In this context, our associate newspaper Times of India said in an editorial published in Thursday’s issue that India should reconsider its stand. According to him, instead of showing neutrality by abstaining from voting, India should openly take a stand against Russia in this matter. The editorial says that all countries are uniting against Russia, which is threatening nuclear war in an aggressive role. Countries such as Switzerland and Finland, which are traditionally considered non-aligned, have also made their stand clear. In such a situation, for how long can India stay on its old stand? The editorial reminds that the most important criterion of foreign policy has always been the national interest.

Russia Ukraine War : The path shown by Nehru, Marshal Tito, Sukarno, the same option before India on Ukraine today!
But the question is whether India’s national interest in the current situation allows it to completely change its attitude and stand in America’s court? In this context, the first thing that has been repeated these days is that Russia is the largest supplier of arms to India. It cannot be changed overnight. By doing so, billions of dollars worth of weapons will be of no use and it will take time to get new supplies. This could endanger the security of the country. Secondly, India has taken a neutral stand in Ukraine issue. Called for an early end to the war. She is in favor of finding a solution to this issue in a peaceful manner. Even today, India is following the traditional foreign policy of non-alignment, which has been based on values. It has been the cornerstone of Indian foreign policy since independence. Due to this policy, India had made its identity in the world immediately after getting independence. Due to non-alignment, India neither went to the Soviet Union nor America’s camp during the Cold War. India is still following the same principles, keeping in view its national interests, is with the US on forums like Quad, while on the other hand it is also associated with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and ASEAN, which is dominated by China. Russia is also an important member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Therefore, in the case of Ukraine also, India should not leave this policy.