(In 2021) How to take a personal loan and what is a personal loan?

Hello friends In this post you will know what personal loan kya hai? And you can take personal loan kaise  and what documents are needed to take personal loan personal loan ki puri jankari and much more In this post you  will know about personal loan  so friends if you want to know all this now then this post for you this post may be important

How to take personal loan? full process in English

Friends, many people are already nervous before taking a personal loan, think whether to take a personal loan or not, but it is not that you can easily solve your personal problem by taking a personal loan, such as to get someone’s treatment or any school. You have to pay the fees, you are buying some expensive thing and much more, you can easily solve your problem by taking a personal loan.

We will know personal loan ke bare me in full details but before that we know that  personal loan kya hota hai ?

What is Personal Loan?

Personal loan is a kind of loan taken by you, which is given by the bank, the bank provides you personal loan based on your credit score.

Friends, the interest rate of personal loan is very high and if you are taking home loan or gold loan or taking business loan from many other loans, personal loan interest rate is high according to many other loans.

Required documents for personal loan

You do not need large documents to take a personal loan, as the property papers give you a personal loan bank from your normal document itself.

Before giving a bank personal loan, 2 things first confirm with you

  1. Credit Score 
  2. Loan repayment capacity

1. Credit Score: If you have a credit score from 700 to 800 then you easily get a personal loan. If you have a credit score less than 700 then you do not get the loan.
Credit Score Kaise Banta Hai? If you have a credit card then how do you pay the bill of that credit card or if you have ever taken a loan then how have you paid its EMI If you have paid the credit card bill or EMI time to time then your credit score is very high. Remains good
2. Capacity to repay the loan: Banks also see the ability to repay the loan from you to see whether you will be able to repay the loan in full or not 
. lets see

  1. Salaried 
  2. Self Employed 

1. Salaried : If you are Salaried then bank provides loan easily to you only bank asks you for 3 months Salaried slip The bank takes this proof from you that what is your income and what work do you do and what is your office address.

How to get personal loan?

Friends get personal loan in 2 ways

  1. The bank itself asks you to take a personal loan that you can take a personal loan.
  2. You can apply for personal loan in the bank yourself, yes friends, whatever bank your account is in, you can easily apply for personal loan by going to that bank, just you have to fill a form in the bank in which You have to enter all your details and also you have to attach your documents, in the documents you have to attach your ID proof and address proof like Aadhar card and PAN card as well as whether you are Salaried or Self Employed. After that you can easily get personal loan

Friends, now you must have understood that personal loan kaise milta hai? Let us now know what precautions we should take before taking a personal loan

Precautions before taking a personal loan

  1. Before taking a personal loan, you should take a personal loan carefully because its interest rate is very high and according to many other loans.
  2. You should take personal loan when you have no other option then you should take personal loan if you do not have property or gold then you should take property loan or gold loan if you have property or gold
  3. You should take a personal loan only if you have the ability to pay the EMI of the personal loan
  4. You should take personal loan from any big bank
  5. You should take a personal loan from the same bank with which you have an account, if you take a personal loan from another bank, then the bank may ask you in which bank your account is, why did you not take a personal loan there

So friends, in this post, you know complete information about personal loan, if you have any other question related to personal loan, then you must tell us by commenting.
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