Imran Khan Is Right About India, Foreign Policy Must Be Independent –

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan surprised everyone by praising Indian foreign policy in a public rally on Sunday. They said. ‘I applaud India today. It has always followed an independent foreign policy. Although India does not need a certificate from the government of any other country for its independent foreign policy, nor is it a common custom that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should praise India’s foreign policy in his rally here. Yet since Imran Khan has done so, two things should be underlined here.

One is that every word of the Pakistani Prime Minister may not be right, but this time he is saying absolutely right. Secondly, he has told the truth of the stand of neighboring India at a time when he himself is surrounded by unusual challenges, with the sword of no-confidence motion looming over his head. In such a situation, it is natural to remember the saying that often we feel the truth when the opportunity to do something has gone out of hand. However, it is quite possible that Imran Khan’s government will overcome this challenge of no-confidence motion. It is also possible that by the end of this week a new government will be formed there.

In both the situations, it would be good in favor of Pakistan that the policy makers there should tie the knot with what Imran Khan said. In this difficult period, the Government of India, while continuing its independent foreign policy, has set an exemplary example of maintaining balance on the diplomatic front. Not only did it prevent this forum from being swept under the influence of the Ukraine war by maintaining the right balance between the Quad nations, but it also managed to keep its close ties with both the US and Russia unaffected. The biggest example of this is that in the midst of the crisis on the supply of crude oil in the international markets, Indian Oil made an agreement to take oil from Russia at a cheaper price, and after that the US also accepted that the deal imposed sanctions on Russia by it. has not been violated.

‘Salute to India’s foreign policy’

Imran Khan also mentioned the same thing in his speech. At the same time, he also recalled that his country not only lost 80,000 of its people but also suffered a loss of $100 billion by becoming a nation’s stooger in the Afghanistan case. However, whether Pakistan or any other country will decide its own policy, but this episode is once again underlining that becoming a stooge of a superpower in international politics ultimately proves to be a loss-making deal.