How to Write SEO Freindly Blog Posts in 2021?

If you do blogging or you have a website on which you put a post, then you must have often seen that any article of your website or blog does not rank properly in the search engine and that is because you are SEO friendly blog post. Or do not write articles, because of which Google or other search engines lower the ranking of your blog post, in such a situation you should come to write SEO friendly article, so in today’s article we will know that you SEO Optimized Blog Post for your blog Hello friends, welcome to in English blog.

How to write SEO friendly article?

SEO freindly writing blog post or article simply means that you are telling the search engine which query or questions your content is answering or on which topic it is written. With this, the search engine will rank the content of your post on related keywords, due to which the ranking of your post will be good and the visitors of your blog will increase. Some methods have been mentioned below to write SEO friendly post, then you should follow them.

1. Create an attractive H1 (Post Title).

Sometimes you must have seen that your post ranks on 1st page and #1, yet you have to check dashboard CTR (Click Through Rate) of your Webmaster (eg. Google Search Console , Bing webmaster , Yandex Webmaster , etc. ) very much. It is rarely seen, this happens because you do not write the title of your post properly. That’s why always try to make the title (h1) of the post attractive and readable.

2. Keep the URL of your article readable. 

Words like “a” “an” “the” and many others that are listed here are ignored by the search engines.

Our post titles usually have a lot of stop words.

For example, when we write a post with the title:

  • Paragraph indexing ya Passage Indexing kya hai

By default our post permalink will be:


<“ya (or)” are the words in the above example.

You   can click on Edit Permalink and change the permalink to “ passage-indexing-kya-hai ” thus eliminating stop words and you have to keep in mind that your focused keyword is in that permalink and it is readable .

While writing an article, if you write such a sentence or paragraph in which you write a keyword similar to the topic of your article, then make it  Bold , Italic  or Underline which can make your article a little better and keep in mind that you Do not do this thing in excessive amount or else it will affect your ranking.

4. Link to previous article.

Suppose your article topic is ” What is passage indexing?” And the main topic of this article is SEO, so you can also link to other SEO related posts in it.

5. Do Keyword Research.

Before writing a blog post, find a good  keyword  , about which keywords or queries you know well and which you can write better than your competitor, find such keywords and write on it and related keywords in your article. 

6. Optimize Images. 

Optimizing the image is also very important to write SEO friendly content and in the following ways you can optimize the images used in your article.

1. Compress the image.

If you do not reduce the file size of the image, then the loading speed of your article will decrease, which will affect the ranking of your article as well as the bounce back rate of your site will also increase, so always use compressed images. 

2. Use Alt tags in the image. 

You should use alt tag in the image, this will also make your image seo freindly. Suppose you have written “What is Passage Indexing” in the alt tag of the image, then now if a user searches “What is Passage Indexing” in Google Image, your image will also appear there. 

7. Do Outbond Linking. 

If the topic of your article is SEO, then if you have used the word SEO in any paragraph of your article, then give a link to a high quality site like wikipedia in that word like “ SEO can get a website ranked. ,

You can see above that I have done Outbond Linking in the word “SEO”.

8. Keep Paragraph and Heading correct.

Everyone uses paragraphs, but not everyone uses them well. Don’t start every new sentence on a new line, just because it looks cool. Also, try not to make them too long, as each paragraph should have its own idea or theme. Ask yourself what the main idea of ​​each paragraph is. You should be able to summarize that main idea in one sentence. If this is not possible and you need more sentences to explain the main idea, then you just need to use more paragraphs . You should also optimize your paragraphs for passage indexing .

Proper  headings   also help your blog readers understand what a specific part of your text is about. If you want people to find their way through your articles, use subheading to guide them, help them scan your post, and clarify the structure of your article. They are important not only for readability, but also for SEO. That’s why I would recommend using your keywords in some subsections. As I mean some of them, using your keyword in every title will make the text unsightly and unnatural. This will deter people from reading further.

9. Use Meta Description.

Add Meta Description before publishing the blog post, this will let the search engine know on which topic your article is written and the search engine will rank your article at the right position.

10. Stay away from over optimization.

Writing SEO optimized posts is a good thing, but if you do SEO more than the limit then your ranking will be affected, to avoid this I have given below some methods, follow them.

  • Place the keywords where it is needed and do not place too many keywords, because of which your article will not be readable.
  • Do not do much internal linking, do it now when it is needed and where the sense comes.


I have told you in this post that “ how to write SEO friendly content ” and you comment and tell how did you like this post. If you have any problem related to this and want to give suggestion then comment below.