how to use whatsapp on 4 devices: One WhatsApp to run on 4 devices, company will soon rollout stable version of multi-device feature

new Delhi.WhatsApp Multi Device Feature: META-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has been testing its multi-device feature in beta version for the past few months. Now it is being offered in a stable version. The company has also started giving this update gradually. After this, this feature is no longer opt-in. It will be activated automatically for all users. You won’t need to connect your smartphone every time you log in. You will be able to use WhatsApp on four different devices at once.

The company said that since the beta rollout, people have used this feature a lot from web browsers. It also takes the hassle out of keeping your phone connected. You can send and receive messages by opening WhatsApp directly on your computer without the phone being connected.

Information about the stable version of this feature has not been given by WhatsApp at the moment. Multi-device support allows users to use WhatsApp on their phone as well as up to four other devices. This means that the same WhatsApp account cannot be used on two different smartphones, but users can connect up to four PCs or tablets to WhatsApp Web at once. Earlier, users had to connect the phone to the Internet to use WhatsApp, but now this is not the case. Now users can use WhatsApp Web without connecting their phones to the Internet.

4 devices on one How to use WhatsApp:

  • Open on desktop or laptop browser. Keep in mind that WhatsApp has also launched a code verification extension, which allows users to check the authenticity of the code they are scanning.
  • On an Android device, tap the three-dot menu. Then you will get an option which will be of ‘Linked Devices’. On iOS, ‘Linked Devices’ will be available in Settings.
  • Go to Linked Devices. It will ask you to scan a code. Scan the code shown on Make sure that both the phone and the laptop have a stable internet connection.
  • Once the code is scanned, it will take a few minutes and WhatsApp Web will be working on your laptop or desktop.