How to trace if someone else is misusing your documents : Your ID is being misused! Check and block online in minutes

new Delhi. Having your identity stolen can be very costly. Actually, many times people’s documents are stolen or they go to someone by mistake, in such a situation there is a possibility that your identity may be misused. To cheat people, someone can open a bank account by misusing your documents. Scammers can take loans in your name, which can affect your credit history. They can also buy a SIM card and misuse it. Once they pass, it will be up to you to prove that you were the victim of identity theft.

Fraudsters usually alter the details of identity documents. For example, they can change the photo, address, etc. They can then use Aadhaar, PAN card or driving license to take a loan or open a bank account. Most verification services only authenticate the name and number of the document.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has launched a portal for fraud management and consumer protection ( sometime back. You have to give your mobile number on this portal. Based on this, you will know other phone numbers that are registered in your name.

If you see any unauthorized numbers, you can block them by sending a request to DoT. Another way to track misappropriation of your documents is to regularly check your credit report. After checking your credit report, check that there are no doubtful debts or credit cards. The report also provides phone numbers and email addresses that are registered with various lenders.

If you find anything suspicious, contact the lender or credit card issuer for more information. If the loan or card is not yours, you can notify the lender or card issuer. Also, file a complaint with the police.

Each credit bureau provides a free credit report each year. There are four bureaus, which means you can check out one free report every three months. Make good use of it.