high power ac will cool stadium: This special AC will make the entire stadium cool, spectators will also enjoy Shimla in the open stadium! – qatar stadium is equipped with special cooling technology for fifa world cup 2022

new Delhi. You all must be well aware of the tremendous craze of football in the world. The magic of football is going to be seen again this year because this time FIFA World Cup 2022 will start from 21st November and will go on till 18th December, so a huge crowd of people is going to participate here. Let us tell you that the Football World Cup will be played in Qatar and this will be the first time that the World Cup is going to be played in a Gulf country.

Special arrangements are being made, including air conditioning, to ensure that the spectators who come to watch football matches in Qatar’s stadium do not face any kind of problem. For information, let us tell you that 8 stadiums of Qatar have been made completely air-conditioned so that the spectators do not face any problem in watching the match and millions of dollars have been spent by the government in this.

There are deserts in the Gulf countries and this is the reason that the temperature here is much higher than the rest of the countries. In such a situation, air conditioners have been installed in the stadium for the convenience of the players and spectators.

This is also the first time in the world that an open air stadium is being made air conditioned. This work has been done by Dr. Saud Ghani, a mechanical engineer known as Dr. Kool. According to Ghani, if the temperature outside the stadium is 52 degrees Celsius, then the inside temperature will be 22 degrees Celsius.