google book doctors: Google will bring you specialist doctors, the treatment will be superfast! Tech News Nav – google search wants to help people by booking doctors appointments

new Delhi. Google wants its search engine to help users book appointments with doctors as well. With this, the company wants to play a bigger role in helping users take care of their health. Google’s Chief Health Officer Karen DeSalvo wrote in a blog post Thursday, “Whether you’ve put off your annual checkup, need a new doctor, or are looking for a same-day visit to MinuteClinic at CVS, you’ll be able to find your way through the day.” View appointment dates and times for each doctor at the location.

In addition, a Google representative said in a briefing that the company wants to reduce the waiting time to get medical help, but users may still need to book appointments with medical professionals apart from the search platform.

This tech giant is sometimes called Dr Google because users around the world seek information about their health through the search engine. Nevertheless, the company wants to play a bigger role in this area. In August, Alphabet Inc. The U.S.-owned company had closed its standalone health division and integrated those separate teams into other business units.

At an event called “The Check Up” on Thursday, Google announced that it is recharging using smartphone cameras to detect certain eye diseases. The phone’s microphone seeks to provide more accurate local information to Japanese, Brazilian and Indian users by measuring irregular heartbeats.