fmwhatsapp: FMWhatsApp came to compete with WhatsApp! Did you download, know what this app does – fmwhatsapp banned in india know how it differe from real whatsapp

new Delhi. Popular messaging app WhatsApp takes full care of the convenience of its users, so from time to time, it keeps introducing new features for its users, which keep on improving their WhatsApp messaging, calling experience. However, in the meantime, the name of FMWhatsApp has been very much discussed in the past. So do you know what is FMWhatsApp and why was it banned in India? What is part of WhatsApp? Let us tell you about this in detail.

Actually, recently some vicious people have done the work of duping people through fake WhatsApp updates. These frauds have been done through FMWhatsApp, which is a clone app of WhatsApp. In which many more features have been given than the real WhatsApp. Even though the features are more in it, but they have proved to be dangerous for the users. By the way, let us tell you that these apps are not available for download on Google Play Store, but FMWhatsApp users are being accessed through third party apps.

Let us now know that how much and how is FMWhatsApp different from the real WhatsApp?
FMWhatsApp allows users to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on one device at the same time.
The look of FMWhatsApp can be customized.
The theme of FMWhatsApp can also be changed.
Through FMWhatsApp, you can send messages to anyone without saving their number.
In FMWhatsApp, you can send messages to a maximum of 500 people at a time, while the limit of sending messages in the real WhatsApp app is 250 people.
FMWhatsApp has the facility to send more number of files.
If someone has deleted status, you can also see his/her deleted status on FMWhatsApp.

Is FMWhatsApp safe?

If you are wondering when FMWhatsApp has more features and features than regional WhatsApp, can it be used? Is it safe to use? So let us tell you that there is no official version of it. In such a situation, the security risk with FMWhatsapp is high. WhatsApp’s term and condition provides you security. According to which, if someone downloads the modified app, then in this case his real WhatsApp account is closed.

Is FMWhatsApp a virus threat?

The answer is yes, because most of the modified WhatsApp accounts come with malware. Using it increases the chances of fraud.

How to install FM WhatsApp?
As we have also mentioned above that this app is not available for download on Google Playstore, but you can download it from any third party.