electric poles for 5g: big news, 5G network will come from electric poles and bus stops! Government made this plan – big news on 5g trai seeks users views on using electric poles and street furniture for 5g network

new Delhi. An important news has come from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regarding 5G. It is being said that 5G network can be provided through electric poles. TRAI is also planning for this. In this regard, TRAI has sought their opinion from the people as to what users believe on the possibility of using electric poles or street furniture like bus stops to install telecom network 5G.

TRAI says that if public street furniture is used, it will eliminate the need for new and bigger mobile towers. Not only this, but the need for fiber will also end. The last date for the suggestions sought by TRAI is 20 April. Apart from this, May 4 is the last date for counter suggestion.

Now the question arises that if TRAI gets what it wants, then what will be its benefit. This will show a huge difference in cost. Because if power poles are used instead of fiber, then the cost will come down significantly. The commercial launch of 5G has not been done yet. If the plan with electric poles is successful, then 5G network will be easily accessible even to the villages.

A report said that if street furniture is used, then a major problem facing the deployment of 5G small cells in the country can be solved. Not only this, as we already know that the mmWave 5G band which provides the fastest 5G network has less coverage but if street furniture is used then its coverage can also increase. Overall, this new plan can accelerate the speed of 5G.