Edit: If this attitude continues, then scorching heat, heat wave and unseasonal rains will make our life difficult, opinion on ipcc report 2022 on climate change

The second report of the Sixth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified with more clarity and precision the environmental concerns that have been increasing for some time. The second part, released on Monday, focuses on the effects of climate change as well as aspects related to adaptation. The first part of this sixth assessment of the IPCC was released in August last year. Its third and final part is to be released in the next month i.e. April. In the first part, the scientific basis of climate change was investigated, then in the third part the possibilities of reduction in emissions will be explored. It is also worth noting that this process of issuing detailed reports on various aspects related to climate change started from 1990. This is the sixth assessment after the second, third, fourth and fifth assessments in 1995, 2001, 2007 and 2015 respectively. On the surface it seems that every report has been repeatedly mentioning the same dangers for which no solution seems to be coming. On the contrary, those threats appear to increase with each report.

This is true to a certain extent, and in one way or the other, it leaves room for the idea that the whole exercise is becoming in vain. But no. Even though our efforts may have proved insufficient in the face of the huge challenges of climate change and global warming, there can be no doubt that if the world can reach a kind of consensus on these challenges and an agreement like the Paris Agreement is possible then it will be Behind these assessments of the IPCC has played a decisive role. And the same estimates are now telling us that the goal of limiting the increase in temperature to 2 percent compared to the pre-industrial era has now become futile. One has to aim to limit it to 1.5. Also, trying to achieve this difficult goal is not enough. Keep this in mind, even then the effects of climate change and global warming may be reduced a little, but not completely eliminated. Therefore, we should work on changes in agricultural and industrial policies with special attention to the aspects related to adaptation, which can adapt them to the conditions arising from those side effects. Even now, if we continue with our lax attitude, then calamities like rise in sea level, scorching heat and heat wave and unseasonal rains will make our life difficult.