corona third wave restriction lifted: Relaxation in corona restrictions does not mean lack of caution, fear of new wave remains

After the fall of the third wave of Corona, now life seems to be back on track once again. In the national capital Delhi, almost all the restrictions related to Corona are being abolished. There will be no night curfew from Monday, it will not be mandatory to wear masks inside private vehicles. Schools and colleges are also starting again. All this means that shops, restaurants, markets etc. will remain open till late night, people will easily leave their homes and feel the beats of life with openness. It is not just about Delhi. The Union Home Ministry has asked all the states and union territories to consider easing restrictions on social, academic, religious, sports and entertainment related activities.

The reason behind this is the decrease in corona cases across the country. On Sunday, the number of new cases reported in the entire country in 24 hours was 10, 237. The ratio of active cases to total infection is 0.25 percent and the recovery rate has also increased to 98.54 percent. There is also a decrease in new cases of corona at the world level. It is definitely time to take a sigh of relief. But this is also the time to remember that the corona virus has proved to be an enemy that keeps coming back again and again. Whenever and wherever it was believed that we had overcome the corona epidemic, it returned there after a few days. And this mere return was nowhere to be found.

Rather, it often turned out to be a more serious challenge than before. In such a situation, if we want to enjoy freedom from the restrictions arising out of it, then definitely take it, the businesses which have suffered continuously during this period, naturally they will want to make up for it. But remember that the reduction in the cases of corona infection does not mean its end. After some time there is a possibility of its new wave coming. According to experts, it is very possible that in the next four-five months, a new wave will come in the form of its new variants.

No one knows how more or less deadly the new wave will be. In such a situation, it is necessary that the easing of restrictions should not be taken as a lack of caution. The Delhi government has rightly clarified that it is still necessary to wear masks and follow the COVID protocol in public and crowded places. The penalty for not wearing a mask has also been reduced from Rs 1000 to Rs 500. That is, not wearing a mask is still a punishable offense. But more important than punishment is the sense of responsibility of common citizens. That will save us from possible waves.