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While on the one hand the country is breathing a sigh of relief due to the reduction in new cases of corona infection, on the other hand the situation in the countries of Southeast Asia and Europe is once again taking a worrying turn. There have been cases of death from corona in China after a gap of 14 months. The situation in Hong Kong has worsened so much that coffins for dead bodies are running short. In South Korea, between Thursday and Saturday, more than 1.4 million new cases were reported within three days. On the other hand, an increase of 30 percent has been registered in new cases of corona in a week in France, England and Italy.

The sub-variants of Omicron are believed to be responsible for this new wave. It is also a matter that after the decrease in corona cases across the world, restrictions started being cut everywhere. Restrictions on international flights also started to be removed. In our country too, it has been announced to normalize international flights from March 27. However, in view of this new explosion of corona cases, there is an appeal to reconsider this announcement. But it needs to be understood that indefinitely imposing restrictions on international flights or other economic activities is also not a good option. Its side effects are also not going to be less fatal.

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Secondly, Omicron’s sub-variants – ba.1 and ba.2 – were active in India during the third wave. In such a situation, it can be assumed that a good immunity level would have been created here. Not only this, the wide scope of vaccination also assures that even if the next wave of corona comes in India, it will probably not be too fast and dangerous. But despite all this, there is a need to remember the ability of corona virus to mutate and make itself deadly. Even though the previous cases of Omicron’s sub-variants B.1 and B.2 have not proved to be particularly dangerous, there is still a possibility that the two may not come together to form a new variant.

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It is clear that there are challenges related to the economy before the government, so it will remove the ban on economic activities and it should also be removed, but there is no reason for the common people to leave precautions. All the experts are saying in one voice that if we make small precautions like wearing masks, keeping distance and washing hands a part of our lifestyle for a while, then we can make a safe path for ourselves even in the midst of these dangers. Huh.

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