Contacts Backup – How to back up all contacts on your phone

Phone Contacts Backup Guide Missing or deleting phone contacts is a common problem for all smartphone users. There are many occasions when we inadvertently cut off important contacts from our phones and we have to face a lot of trouble in getting those contacts back. Apart from this, many times it also happens that we have to take backup of all the contacts present in our phone or transfer all our contacts to another phone simultaneously. In such a situation, we do not know any way how we should do this.

If you also face the same problem, then you can setup Automated Backup of your phone to avoid such problem. By doing this you can access or transfer your contacts from anywhere.

If you are also looking for a way to backup your phone contacts, then today we will help you in this post. In this post, we will tell you about some such special apps, from which you can back up all the contacts of your phone and save them with you and then whenever you want the tab can bring your contacts back to your phone. So let’s start –

Device-to-Device Contact Transfer

There can be many reasons for the transfer of contacts from one phone to another. Like if you have got a new phone or want a different phone for all the contacts. Companies like HTC, Samsung, Lenovo and LG have created their own apps to transfer contacts from one phone or one device to another, with the help of which you can easily transfer your contacts in them.

If you use another company’s phone, then there are some special apps for you to transfer contacts from which you can easily transfer contacts from one phone to another.


This app is free for Android, Blackberry and iOS. This app creates a backup of all the contacts. To use it for transfer, you have to buy its plan. You can sync your phonebook on different devices from this app with Wi-Fi or Data Connection.


This app works on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone. Here you have to create a free account. After this, you can back up the contacts on Phonecopy and sync them on different devices. Its premium version is available for $ 25 annually.


You can sync your smartphone’s contacts with Microsoft Outlook using Desctop Manager or the phone software suite. Once the contacts are synced with Outlook, they can be exported as a single file and synced with email contacts.

In case your phone gets stolen or lost somewhere, you can back up your contacts to keep them absolutely safe. These apps will help you in this work –

For iOS – My Contacts Backup Pro.

This app is very useful for iOS users. This app is premium and is available for Rs 122. Here the backup is always sent to your email. You can also save these to Dropbox. You can also manage contacts over Wi-Fi from a browser. In this app you can also set a reminder to backup the contacts.

For Android – Super Backup

It is easy to use this app. It also backs up contacts as well as sms. By default contacts are backed up in the phone’s internal storage and you can set them to automatically upload to google drive.

Schedule regular automatic backups if adding regular contacts. This app is Advertisement Supported. If you do not want to see ads in it, then you can buy its premium version.

For Windows Phones – Contacts Backup

Built in Backup in Windows Phone does not support the backup of Contacts. With the help of the free Contacts Backup app, you can back up contacts with photos from your synced account. You will need to allow the app to access the Onedrive store so that backups are saved directly to the cloud. After this your work will be easy and you will be able to see the contacts from anywhere.

For Blackberry – Free Contacts Backup

Blackberry 10 users can back up all their contacts with a single tap with the help of this free app. Apart from all contacts, you can also back up selected contacts. There is also an option to merge duplicate contacts and send the backup by mail.

Some special apps to update contacts automatically

Addappt –

This app works for iOS and Android devices. This is a Contacts replacement app and depends on the invitation. It uses email ids to identify users. You can invite people after downloading the app. Once the contact is done, if your information changes, then the list of others will automatically change.

6degrees –

This app works for both iOS and Android. It automatically creates backup of contacts. If let’s add someone else, then their contacts are also updated automatically. It finds and deletes duplicate contacts. It can restore contacts on another device. This app also helps you find people.

Final Words –

So friends, these were some special apps, with the help of which you can easily create a backup of your contacts and save them with you. Now no matter what the circumstances, such as the phone being stolen, lost or the contacts are accidentally deleted. In these circumstances you do not need to worry. These apps will create a backup of all your contacts, after which you can restore and bring back your contacts whenever you want.

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