chintels paradiso in gurgaon collapsed

In the wake of the unfortunate incident that took place at Shintel Paradiso Society in Gurgaon, the Haryana government has now ordered a security check of all the buildings which have complaints regarding their structure. It has been said that such buildings will be identified and then their structural audit will be done through the respective Resident Welfare Associations and Town and Country Planning Department (DTCP). This step had become inevitable. Through this, the government has taken an important initiative in the direction of fulfilling its minimum obligations. The way in which the roofs from the sixth floor to the first floor kept collapsing in the building of that society in Gurgaon, it was astonishing. Not only is the condition of the families directly affected by this incident, it has become difficult for the people living in this society to sleep peacefully in their homes. Since complaints about the construction quality of the building are being talked about in many other towers also, apprehensions have naturally entered everyone’s mind.

Keep in mind, this is not a case of construction from a remote area. This is the case of a posh society in a major city of the country known as Millennium City, whose price for each flat is said to be in crores. If a building of such a society suddenly goes on collapsing like this, serious questions are raised not only on the builder concerned but also on the credibility of the entire system that monitors the quality of building construction. Complaints of tampering of rules and regulations and procedures by builders in connivance with local authorities have been common. In such a situation, the question has arisen in the minds of the large population, who are eager to book a house for themselves in these housing societies by bearing the burden of EMI lasting for years, on what trust they should do so. The eyes of all such people are fixed on this matter of Gurgaon.

It is the responsibility of the State Government to not only make arrangements to provide immediate relief to all the people affected by this incident but also to remove the woes of the occupants by getting all the buildings falling under that purview thoroughly examined and repairs and reconstructions where required. Do. Simultaneously, to identify the people responsible for this incident, a high level and credible investigation should be started immediately, under whose ambit the officers of the departments concerned. Such a situation could not have happened without the complicity or negligence of the government officials. Only by making this incident an example, we can take lessons for the future and can credibly carry forward the process of urban development in our country.