cbse term 1 result class 12 and omr sheet : Why did CBSE take months to check the OMR sheet of class 12th term-1 exam?

new Delhi: This is a very stressful time of the year for the 10th and 12th students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Practical exams are on and Term-2 theory exams are going to start in a month. At present, the corona epidemic is under control to some extent. These board exams can be conducted in offline mode after a gap of two years. In these two years the students have gone through a lot of stressful moments. During this, a lot of changes have also taken place in the copy checking process. During Corona, many changes had to be made in the examination of the question paper. However, due to this many incidents of negligence also came to the fore. The most recent example of negligence is CBSE’s declaration of Term-1 result midway through Term-2 examination. Second, why did it take so long to check the OMR sheet?

Term-1 exam was conducted in November-December last year. This exam was conducted through OMR answer sheet in objective format. CBSE was highly praised for such a decision at that time. Many people were calling it a big step towards transparency and quick results in the examination. But the most surprising thing is that the result of this examination came in more time than the normal examination. Regarding the delay in the result, CBSE did not inform the school, parents etc. about the delay in the result.

Now a new uncertainty is also in front. Who will replace the transparent and centralized system of investigation? Till now the Two Sheets Marks weightage is also not announced. CBSE should help or show the way to the state boards which do not have human resources and financial resources. Schools with less resources are also attached to such state boards. Questions are being raised on the image of the board due to the repeated changes in the question papers and related arrangements. With around 36 lakh students appearing in the Term-1 examination, it is time to show sympathy to CBSE.

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