bsf headquarter firing: Edit: Firing of BSF jawans is not just a matter of mental health of jawans, opinion on firing by bsf jawan in amritsar bhf headquater

The manner in which a jawan opened fire on Sunday at the BSF headquarters in Khasa, Amritsar, killing four of his colleagues and killing himself, is a worrying incident. According to the details of the incident, Jawan CT Sattepa shot a clerk after reaching the office first. Then he went to the barracks and started firing indiscriminately. He also opened fire on the officer’s vehicle, but he survived. It is true that only preliminary information has come to the fore, on the basis of which no concrete conclusion can be drawn. The police have not only registered the case, the Court of Inquiry has also been ordered. But senior BSF officers have made two things clear from now on. One, it is not a case of displeasure over a situation like non-availability of leave. Two, there is no angle of old enmity in this. If without any investigation, at the initial stage itself, there is enough evidence on the basis of which these two possibilities can be completely ruled out, then naturally the scope of investigation becomes limited. It would have been better if senior BSF officers would have allowed the investigation process to reach its logical conclusion and then consider the conclusions drawn from it, instead of making their findings public.

This was especially necessary because even that young man is no longer alive to present his side. Keep in mind, this is not the first case of its kind. Last year on September 23, two BSF personnel were killed and one was injured in a brawl in Gomati district of South Tripura. Prior to that in 2019, a BSF personnel had taken his own life after injuring two comrades. In May 2018, a BSF jawan shot himself after killing three accomplices. Following that incident, the BSF made annual mental health check-ups mandatory for its security personnel. But it is not just a matter of mental health of jawans. Questions about their working conditions, their duty hours and their behavior are also related to this. Many study reports are also available in this regard. The need is to look at them in totality and prepare a guideline by combining the suggestions given in them. After that initiative should be taken to implement them on a large scale. Hope this will help in avoiding cases like Khasa in future. Also, this will increase the attractiveness of youth for jobs in organizations like BSF.