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West Bengal Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also called for the punishment of all the culprits on the manner in which eight people were burnt alive after the murder of a local Trinamool Congress leader in Birbhum district on Tuesday. The Prime Minister has also said that the Center is ready to help the state government in every way. With this, Modi appealed to the people of the state to never forgive those who promote such violent incidents. Based on the statement of the Prime Minister, then after such an incident, people in responsible positions are expected to take such a moderate and serious attitude.

The way Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankar came face to face in the state regarding this incident and both of them made sharp statements, it is really disappointing. While assuring a fair investigation into the incident, the Chief Minister also mentioned a possible conspiracy to defame the state. Such statements reinforce the apprehensions that there is no intention to give a specific direction to the investigation process. However, the Birbhum incident is neither new nor surprising to West Bengal. Organized violence has long been a part of the political culture here.

Birbhum Violence: CM Mamta Banerjee reached to meet the families of those who lost their lives

During the Left rule of more than three decades, the dominance of CPM workers in every sphere of political and social life had been established here. Attempts by the opposing parties to create space for themselves were often dealt with by violent means during that time. Under the leadership of Mamta Banerjee, Trinamool Congress ended the domination of Left parties, but no special effort to change this style of politics was also seen from her side. As a result, the ‘syndicate culture’ that Trinamool came to power cursing became more widespread. As a result of this, despite being the ruling party in the state, when a local leader of Trinamool Congress is murdered, even his bereaved supporters, instead of looking to the police and administration for justice, take the law into their own hands and give immediate punishment to the suspects. Let’s start the campaign.

Birbhum Violence: High Court seeks report from Mamata government in 24 hours in Birbhum violence case, orders for protection of witnesses
Mamata Banerjee is not only the tallest leader of the Trinamool Congress and the chief minister of the state, but also a potential common face of the opposition at the national level after defeating the BJP in the recent assembly elections. In this way their responsibility increases. Apart from maintaining law and order situation in the state, the challenge of increasing the scope of democratic politics by ending the culture of violence is also in front of them. Only effective efforts in this direction will give authenticity to his claim of an alternative in national politics.